One Thing The Dalai Lama Can Teach Organisations

Like a ‘rock-star’ the Dalai Lama has landed in Sydney, Australia to a huge audience. The spiritual leader has arrived to discuss freedom, happiness, compassion but above all else unity, which may itself be the biggest learning for organisations worldwide.

Outside of the workplace we hear about unity all the time and we accept it as a form of utopia, from the simplest beauty contestant explaining her biggest dream is ‘world peace’ to the Dalai Lama who stated; “by realising clearly that all mankind is one, that human beings in every country are members of the one same family, world peace and unity can be achieved”.  It would not be possible for a sporting team to perform at its greatest without playing as a team and unifying for a common goal.

Is that not an exciting objective for every company worldwide?

Don’t get me wrong organisations have similar objectives like alignment but this is about aligning people to the organisation itself, which is great and is important, unfortunately the masses cannot feel alignment because it is so unemotional, unity on the other hand unleashes their spirit.

So what is organisational unity?

Denison and Mishra, (1990) describe it as; “a positive powerful effect of creating meaningful work for individuals with a mission and sense of direction for the organisation as a whole”. Ibarra and Hansen (2011) believe it is; “the ability to bring together people from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures and generations [leveraging] all they have to offer towards the organisations goals”. I like to believe it is about embracing all people as human beings, not as tools or resources, regardless of title, salary, responsibility, race, gender, religion, social status or sexual preference and collaborate with them toward one key meaningful purpose.

If organisations want to move people towards a cause – it is unity that will do it, not alignment. Embracing equality in the whole sense of the word will unlock the power of an entire workforce. Simply extending that same concept with customers delivers an even greater impact; community.  Now an organisation has a movement anyone would be envious of!

If unity is seen as the ‘utopia’ outside the workplace embracing this inside the workplace will create a much healthier workplace environment for employees and customers alike. Their passions will be ignited and in return increases in productivity, effectiveness and performance become by-products.

Lets learn from the Dalai Lama and lets strive for organisational unity because as human beings is it not what we all deserve.

The future is coming you just need to be prepared for it!


Written by Craig Mowll Founder | Managing Partner of 3D Business Diagnostics (‘3D’).

3D is an organisation development consulting firm with a highly intuitive and developed 'Humanistics System'. Our system is founded on the scientific principles of applied behavioural science and positive psychology for the purpose to increase a company’s effectiveness, performance and health to achieve its strategic goals through its people.

You can follow Craig on twitter; @CMowll


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