Outsourcing Human Resource Companies - An Asset Your Company Should Have

The majority of business owners would undoubtedly agree that their most important asset are their employees. They realise that people are the real value of every business, and they take quality to another level.

So, naturally, the human resources department is essential when it comes to managing a business. However, the work of some HR departments can be too comprehensive to be optimally handled within the company. Sometimes, one person can be expected to perform several HR speciality functions, such as recruiting, payroll, compliance, benefits etc, meaning it could just be too much.

In these situations, business owners come to realise that it's much more effective to outsource HR, or at least some parts of it, and this enables them to obtain several benefits in the process.

1. Payroll and accounting

It's generally cheaper to outsource payroll than to hire an in-house payroll team. The outsourced company will take care of employee payslips, advice on tax and deduction, as well as provide a payroll analysis. This would definitely save time for calculating the payroll and handling specific and troublesome situations of some employees.

2. Cost-saving method

HR services come with pretty high cost. If you want a fully-operational HR department, you need to assign it a separate area and find experienced staff. A great number of small business simply can't handle the expenses associated with this type of business managing. For them, it's more cost-effective to simply outsource HR functions and spend that money on other departments. It will reduce your back-office expenses, which means a lot, especially when you run a startup or small business. What's even better, HR outsourcing costs can be reduced when your business is in need of a warrant.

3. Employee development

This is another benefit of outsourcing your HR - it will provide you with the best performance management practices - something that small to medium sized businesses don't usually have. The outsourced HR staff will also be far more objective regarding the processes, which increases the effectiveness level.

4. Risk management

The fact is that labour and employment laws change quite often, making it pretty difficult to follow up on all of them. Many of these regulations can affect your workplace so it's necessary to always be up-to-date. The right professionals in an outsourced HR agency will make sure your company is in line with federal and state employment laws and regulations. In return, you won't ever have to worry about potential lawsuits that a wronged employee could file. These HR agencies also maintain and audit company policies and practices which will protect your best interests, as well as those of your employees.

5. Higher efficiency

Outsourcing HR providers are known for their high efficiency and advanced HR technology. For example, well-organised outsourcing HR companies like Standard Candle have all HR functions covered, meaning the connection between crucial HR functions (like payroll, compliance management and benefits administration) is always present, preventing mistakes and oversights. It also helps you and your managers to be more productive and effective when it comes to other departments, which consequently results in better efficiency of the whole company.

6. Compliance assistance

Compliance is a tricky aspect that every organisation needs to be on top of. As it's hard to always be up-to-date with regulations in relation to hiring, benefits and insurance claims, compliance of all those aspects can be daunting and potentially cause a financial issue. An external HR company will make sure you understand these laws and comply with them in the right way.

7. Health insurance benefits

It is important to motivate your staff every step of the way. Some big businesses offer their employees a wide variety of employee benefits - something that is very difficult for small business to do. However, by outsourcing a PEO firm, even a small business could compete with larger business through their great medical plans and voluntary benefit offerings.

8. Employment-related expenses lowered

Labour costs are one of the biggest expenses that a business owner has. They include health insurance premiums, recruiting fees, workers' compensation insurance, etc. An outsourced HR company will reduce these costs significantly.

9. Attracting global talent

The moment you outsource your HR functions, you will get insight into some of the best talents in the world that could become a part of your company. There are many ways of reaching the right staff - something that experienced PEO experts know a lot about. The more skilful people you have in your team, the more your company will strive.

Important note

When you decide to outsource (some) of your HR functions, the first step is to determine which ones. As there are many functions within the HR department, you may decide to focus only on some, like regulatory compliance, for example. Choose the ones that are better handled by people from an outside agency.

Secondly, make a wise choice when choosing the right company. Many business owners are worried that outsourcing HR functions could lead to lower quality of work but if you spend time browsing available agencies, you won't make the wrong decision. You should check the company's background, as well as companies that have used their services so far. If you are unsure that a certain company will add value to your business - don't sign a contract with them.

Final words

Outsourcing HR functions is not a novelty. Still, a fresh business owner may not be familiar with its advantages and benefits it could bring to their company. If you choose the right agency and the right HR functions to outsource, the benefits will be numerous and highly significant for your company's success. Don’t be afraid of outsourcing – in the long run, it will be more beneficial for you, as well as for your staff. And, as it’s already been said at the beginning, your staff is your most valuable asset.

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