Project Management in Intercultural Environments


Global Project teams should be considered the best vehicle for organizations to respond to a changing environment characterized by cultural and logistic complexity, but their effectiveness depends on achieving a degree of integration and mutual commitment to organizational goals. For a project team to achieve maximum performance and potential, its manager must find the right balance between process and people orientation, the latter dimension focusing on integration and respect for diversity.

Our objective is to develop a model which includes a diagnosis and self-evaluation tool useful for any person faced with the need to achieve professional results in a context of cultural diversity.

We have selected ten cultural variables most related to an individual’s behavior in an organization. These variables applied to the global project team context may reveal essential differences in the way teams will expect to organize themselves, in the way they communicate to achieve results, and in the way leadership is perceived and respected.

The research was aimed at testing the validity of the tools in order to use them to help integrate multicultural project teams [...]

This research paper was submitted at a conference in Spain in 2012. click HERE for the full version

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