Proposed Short Term Mobility Visa in 2016

In 2014 the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, announced a review of the current skilled migration and temporary v....

As a result of the review a new proposal has been made for a 12-month skilled temporary visa. It appears the DIBP is working to implement this new visa in July 2016. The Federal Government said it wants to simplify the visa system to make it easier for employers to bring in skilled foreign workers.

The proposal is as follows:

The Short Term Mobility Visa would allow multiple entries over a maximum of 12 months “to complete specialized work which may include intra-company transfer and foreign correspondents.” 

Migrants on this program would not have to complete English language or skills requirements; nor would their employers be required to test the labour market prior to hiring them. Instead, employers will only be subject to the Genuine Temporary Entry requirement and applicants will be subject to health, character and safety requirements.

The family members of Short Term Mobility Visa holders cannot be included within the same visa application as the initial applicant. Visa holders would be allowed to apply for subsequent visas if their circumstances change, for example, they need to stay in Australia for a longer period. Applicants can apply for the visa, whether within Australia or overseas.

Kate Carnell, the head of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said it will help employers fill short term vacancies for specialized workers. “This is needed because regularly on major projects now a company might need to say install a new piece of equipment in Australia from overseas and they might want to bring in an installer to do the installation,” she told The World Today in an interview.
“And there’s nobody in Australia who has used that particular piece of machinery before, so bringing someone in for a short period, but longer than six weeks, is really cost effective.”

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