It costs the Australian taxpayer about $1 billion per year to maintain our refugee policy, including providing navy ships, hiring staff, etc.

It costs another $100,000 per year to feed and house a refugee. I have no problem there.

Yet in Australia, the Federal Government has only set aside $70 million over four years to help people 50+ find jobs. We have about 100,000 unemployed Boomers and about two million people 50+ currently working part time and fulltime.

Considering most of these people are Australian citizens, one might have thought the Government would be done more for them.

Included in the $70 million is a small raft of programs aimed at educating employers about the value of older workers. Most of these have failed or are in the process of failing, because they have not been sold to employers. None of them have been promoted.

Keep in mind over the next 30 years, those two million Boomers will join the four million Boomers who have left the workforce (or were never in it).

They will leave their work and take their experience with them. Some unfortunately will retire early, thinking they have enough super saved. They won’t have because they have not used a financial planner.

This is an example of failing to act now to stop massive expenses later on.



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