Ric Willmot's Weekly Wisdom No.103: What are you doing?

Weekly Wisdom No.103: What are you doing?

You create an idea for your business. You get everyone together to discuss it. You wrangle over the merits or otherwise of pushing forward with this new idea. The idea has its supporters and it has detractors, as well, of course. (There’s always somebody who thinks it’s their role to say no to a new idea no matter how good it is.)

Another meeting is scheduled and you discuss it further. The butchers’ paper, the notes, the conference calls, the PowerPoint slides, the flow charts, the diagrams, the numbers ….

Wow, you guys are working hard.

But are you? It feels like you’re doing work, but is it? Is this stuff worth doing? What’s the point? Are you going somewhere with this? Will there be a return on investment?

Compared to all the other things you could be doing, compared to other things you could be investing your time on, is this most likely going to have the biggest pay-off? Is this the most important? Is this your best project to produce results that count?

Or, are you doing it because nobody had the chutzpah to say, “What are we doing?”

Are you doing work that’s worthwhile, valuable, and has a significant pay-off, or are you just going through the motions doing your job?

What should you be doing?

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