Some hiring managers just don't get it!

Dear Hiring Manager,

So, just to make sure I clearly understand you.

You consistently call our entire industry  ‘cowboys’, who add no value and who cannot, or will not, build relationships. You often warm to your theme by telling us we don’t understand your business or your briefs, fail to match appropriately, never provide insights, and do not invest time to understand the nuances of your company and your unique culture. You deride us as ‘resume shufflers’ and ‘phone-jockeys’, and you publically bemoan the lack of  ‘real consultants’, who are professional, and can act as trusted advisors.

I think I have got that now. Thanks for that.

But tell me this please…

If all that is true, why is it that you will not meet with us, even when you have a brief for us to work? Indeed, how can it be that you often won’t even spend time on the phone, but curtly tell us  ‘it’s all in the email I sent you?’ Why do you refuse to let us speak to the line-manager, who actually does understand the role being recruited, and why do you fail to respond to our requests for key extra details? Why do you tell us, ‘this is urgent’, then not respond to our shortlist of candidates, or even return calls? Why do you reject candidates that appear to meet the brief exactly, without explanation or feedback?  Even worse, why do you interview our candidates and then disrespect them (and us) by giving no feedback whatsoever?

And finally, when we do offer you advice on your brief, the market, the salary and a myriad of other insights that will help you secure the best candidate, why do ignore that advice, or even more likely tell us, (and I paraphrase here, because you are always faultlessly polite)  “shut the fuck up and send me more CVs”

Who actually is the unprofessional one here do you think?

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