Sustainable Competitive Advantage. It's my obsession, would you like to join me on the journey?

Wouldn't it be great if the forces which shape our business environment remained static?  Of course, that is not a reality we will experience any time soon.  Change is constant, and can often become the tail that wags the organisational dog.

Consider the things that are constantly part of the organisational landscape which can create anxiety for employees:

  • An employee joining or leaving a team
  • A new leader joining a team
  • Changes to the organisational structure
  • New systems, processes and procedures
  • Pressure to continually improve financial performance
  • Introduction of new products and services
  • External market conditions
  • A lack of strawberries in the fruit box!

Together we could list many, many more.

Anxiety creates issues, and whilst we all try our best to remain on top of situations, there is always a lot to do.  My biggest fear as a leader is that an issue that could have been avoided becomes a massive distraction for the organisation.  I therefore believe in the importance of continuously capturing trends, opportunities and threats before it is too late.  This can create a powerful competitive advantage. 

Take control of change before it starts controlling

The best leaders I have worked with are those who proactively influence change (as opposed to chasing it around).  By identifying trends, opportunities and threats before it is too late, the proactive leader provides their organisation with a clear run to achieving their short and medium term goals.  Constantly achieving business goals is a powerful competitive advantage.

Agility is now a core capability

Leaders and their teams can improve the ability for their organisation to manoeuvre when appropriate. Recent history is littered with tales of "If we just knew earlier, we could have saved the company".  Establishing a 'continuous connection' framework can ensure leaders receive the right information at the right time, which is a very powerful competitive advantage indeed.

True Insight powers true Innovation

Leaders are in a position to harness the exciting new ideas which employees always have, but are rarely accessed.  Trust me, there are employees in your organisation right now who are just itching to help you improve the bottom line.   It requires a deft touch, but the organisation who can harness this properly is in a very powerful competitive position.

My confession about my obsession with Sustainable Competitive Advantage

It is true and perhaps a little tragic at times. I have an obsession with how organisations can become more agile, innovative and successful.  My confession is that after unsuccessfully searching for a cost-effective way to do this better, we decided to build our own simple tools. 

If you also have an interest in sustainable competitive advantage, join me for a short webinar I am hosting next Thursday 20 February.  I promise to make it worthwhile.

Date: Thursday 20th February 2014

Time: 12pm NSW/VIC,  11.30am SA, 11am QLD,  9am WA

To register:

If you are outside of Australia, register, and we will get you a recording.  

Jason Buchanan is General Manager, Insights & Innovation at Optimum Consulting Group.  Employee Life ( has been developed as a way for organisations to stay informed.

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