Team building activities your team will actually love

To keep your organisation operating on a high level, you need to retain those talents. However, if you don’t pay attention to your employees, fluctuation will take its toll. Don’t lose your performers! Indulge them in the team building activities that will help strengthen the bond between the teammates. 

Sadly, many people groan when they hear the words team building. Only an experienced manager will know how to engage employees in activities they will enjoy. So, if you're all out of the ideas, check out these team building activities your team will adore!

1. Truths and a lie

Have you ever wished to get to know your teammates better? Clear and open communication may help them work cohesively on every task. While extroverted and friendly people have no issue getting themselves out there, shy and introverted individuals may seem reserved and mysterious to others.

To break out this enigma, give each team member 4 pieces of paper and instruct them to write 3 true statements and one believable lie. Sit in a circle and try to guess which one is the lie for each participant. A fun way to introduce new team members and create strong cooperation.

2. It’s your problem!

Running into a problem while working in an organisation is common. What is not common is a healthy way of dealing with that problem! Your employees need to learn how to work together against the problem, not against each other. So, that's why for this activity you'll need to divide your team evenly into two or more groups. What happens then?

Give them thirty minutes to think of a group-solving issue that will make them use teamwork, communication and creativity. The main purpose of this activity is to minimise the effects of leadership and teach your team how to function as one. Besides that, it allows employees to challenge their team members and course their way of thinking towards the solution. 

3. The perfect square

This team-building activity is usually done in smaller teams, up to 12 people. Make them sit in a circle and put provided blindfolds on. This is where the game starts! Take a long rope and make sure each team member has a hold of it. Instruct them to create a perfect square by tying knots on the rope.

When they think they’ve done it, let them take their blindfolds off and see their work. This activity is meant to challenge 4 critical aspects of team building. However, communication, trust and leadership are the qualities you can notice the most. You can repeat the process as many times as needed until the perfect square is formed!

4. Garden maintaining

Yup, you’ve read that correctly. This original team building activity will not only strengthen the bond and grow your team, but also teach them how to cooperate, communicate and take responsibilities for their actions. Besides, is there a better way to spend a part of your day in the fresh air hanging out with your colleagues?

If you don't have an appropriate piece of land on your property for this type of activity, you can always build a vertical garden. The key is to keep the garden fresh and blooming for as long as possible. That's why you'll need a high-quality garden hose to water the plants to remain healthy.

5. Scavenger hunt

If your team is made out of geeks that adore solving the riddles, searching for clues and doing puzzles, the scavenger hunt is a great team-building activity for them. Divide them into 2 or more teams with an equal number of members and let the hunt begin!

To plan a scavenger hunt for adults, you need to decide the location and the clues you’ll give them beforehand. It will force the employees to work together as a team, spark up creativity and competitivity amongst the teams especially if the reward is involved! Try to offer them something alluring, such as a day off for the winning team or a 5% bonus.


Team building activities are a great way to bring a team back together. However, not everyone is willing to participate. That’s why you need to come up with the exercises most team members will enjoy. Present them as a game and suddenly your hard-working employees will transform into activity-lovers that enjoy participating in these types of exercises.

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