The 12 quickest ways to breach trust with your new employees

Compiled from many conversations we’ve had with new employees, we present you some tales from the induction front battle lines.

Here’s our checklist of the 12 fastest ways to breach trust with your new employees.

We could have called this blog post the poor employer’s induction checklist – 12 things you must never ever do on day one, or any other day for that matter. In fact, let’s do that. Drum roll please……

Induction Checklist – 12 things you must never do on day one

1: Induction: Don’t have one. Give them a desk and a phone and get them to connect the computer themselves.

2: Induction: Have one. But make it 3 months after the employee actually starts.

3: Values: After they have completed the induction program, tell them to forget everything they have heard if they want to get along as a member of your team.

4: Safety induction: Tell your new employee to just borrow someone else’s safety equipment until theirs arrives.

5: Salary: Have them commence on a salary of X and do not declare it is inclusive of super. Watch what happens at the first pay cycle.

6: Devices: Tell the new employee they will be getting a new mobile phone and laptop or iPad. When the new devices arrive, keep them for yourself and give them the hand-me-downs.

7: Accuracy of the job: Knowing the last three people left the job in close succession, leave out the parts of the job people dislike when you describe it at interview. Once they start just frame them up as: “everyone has to do things in their job they do not like.”

8: Promotional promises: Create the perception at interview and in induction that they are your succession plan and they should expect a promotion within the year. Do this knowing full well you are not going anywhere. Let them know this about 3 months in when they ask about timelines.

9: Physical location: Interview and show them around the newly renovated office space and then once they start show them their real workspace with no natural light and a desk which belongs in a 1940s classroom.

10: Second best: When introducing them on day one, let everyone know that this is the person who accepted the job after John said no to it.

11: Forget they are starting: Have you new employee turn up on their first day and accidentally forget you have taken annual leave and not told anyone they are starting.

12. Probation: Tell the new employee that though the normal probationary period is 3 months you have decided to extend this to 6 months for them. Don’t give a full explanation as to why.

Has this ever happened to you?

Leave a comment below and tell us how it made you feel.

Think you may have been guilty of doing one of these? If we’re being honest, as managers and leaders, we could all be very guilty. In the rush to bring on new team members, it’s easy to overlook that many little things can add up to one big negative perception.

If you’d like to understand how to measure and manage your employee’s attachment and ensure that you gain a return on your recruitment investment, contact us:

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Comment by michael minns on November 11, 2011 at 8:10

I agree with what has been said ,however I would like to add another two which are closely related;

Meet the the CEO / GM three months after starting


The only interaction with the CEO/GM is via a DVD


Michael Minns


Comment by Susannah Mclean on November 11, 2011 at 8:27

Started a new job on Monday and then on the Thursday (without advising prior) the manager training me went on holidays overseas for 2 weeks and left me to look after the issues of 400 staff without any guidance about systems/ processes or even knowing peoples names.

How did that make me feel? Lost and unworthy!

But I made it through and stayed on for another 3 yrs...

Comment by Fahim Arian on November 11, 2011 at 9:49

Number 12... extended probation... definitely an insult.

Comment by Kasey on November 11, 2011 at 13:06

I had one of those 'forget they are starting' experiences.


I went to work on a resort island for my industry placement one year with a few others from my TAFE. Arrived on the island and did orientation with HR the next day. There were quite a few others on industry  placement starting at the same time.


We were told to be in the housekeeping office at 8am the next day.


Turned up at 8am to a bemused executive housekeeper - they had no idea that 3 of us were coming! They looked at each other and said err - you can have the day off today! They ended up moving a couple of us to a different area of the business for a few weeks until they needed more room attendants.


At the time I was really worried - I'd just moved across the country to a beautiful island for an amazing year - would I have to turnaround and go home? It was part of our uni course and the threat was that if we didn't complete our placement at the place we had specified then we would fail and have to do it again the next year. Realistically that wouldn't have happened, but it was scary then!

Comment by Anthony Sork on November 11, 2011 at 19:33

Wow so many stories on this. It's such a pity that people overlook, or take for granted that the first day is a huge day for people. We have quite a few tips on the blog about measuring and improving attachment. I'll post a few in this forum as well. Thanks for sharing guys.

Comment by Allison Denny-Collins on November 11, 2011 at 20:17

Many year ago I started a job where the only thing I had on day one was my desk. There was no computer or desk phone. I was in a role where I was meant to research and manage the  performance management reviews. One of the other team members gave me their phone. It took eight weeks to finally get a work computer - luckily I was able to borrow a laptop from somebody.


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