The best cities to live and work in the UK

There are many attractive reasons why you should move to the UK. As English is the one of the most commonly-spoken and influential languages, there are major benefits in moving to the UK for your career. Even with the surprising result of Brexit, house prices has still climbed with no signs of falling. Here are the top 5 cities to consider to work and live in the UK:


From London’s notoriously known nightlife to being one the major fashion capitals during fashion weeks, you will never get bored. With famous landmarks such as London Bridge on your doorstep, you do not need to travel afar for tourism destinations. For green spaces, you can always venture to places such as Richmond Park for the deers.


The home of music giants like Oasis, and Joy Division, and two major, premier football clubs: Manchester United and Manchester City. There is nothing that Manchester needs to prove to solidify their status as one of the best cities to live in the UK. Rent prices and travel costs are on average half the price than in London. You can visit the Northern Quarter, where creativity and quirky styles rules the area.


Bristol is the city where Banksy is based, and extremely close to the worldwide known festival - Glastonbury. Furthermore, it is a picturesque city with views blessed from the west country.. There is growth from aerospace to the creative sector for jobs too. In the summer, with many festivals to choose from you can not be bored in finding things to do.


Since Edinburgh has numerous amount of green spaces compared to London, it is no surprise their air pollution is low too. The comedy culture is huge as well, with events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival celebrating the arts. You are guaranteed many laughs should you decide to live here.


Have you always wanted to live next to the sea? Great news. Cardiff is a city based by the sea, and it is a cosy city with everything available on foot or on bike. It also has the one of the lowest unemployment rates across the UK which makes it more attractive for job seekers. If you’re one to seek for a healthier lifestyle, this may be the place for you.

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