The Best Way to Motivate Your Employees

Charalambos A. Vlachoutsicos, a Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business shared an experience of the benefits of staff engagement. In this article for HBR, he describes a situation he witnessed in a sawmill in Russia, which shows that the importance of employee engagement is universal.

While people expect fair pay for their services, we all know that money isn't king. Nevertheless, when it comes to business we all too often act as if it were. We think purely in terms of salaries… and people’s positions on the org chart… In my experience, by far the best way to motivate employees is to find ways that they can take pride in their skills and their knowledge. When you do this, you very quickly discover that people stop being passive followers and start to share their insights and ideas. Instead of being loyal to their pay checks, they become loyal to the company.” 

Read the full article here.

Mark is the General Manager of Power2Motivate APAC, delivering world class employee recognition and B2B loyalty programs to a wide range of clients.

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