The Big Problem with Workplace Germs and How to Fix it

In a busy workplace, germs are present on every surface. We spend so much time at work, and around our co-workers that it just makes good sense for us to protect ourselves from germs and bacteria, especially those causing colds and flu.

Read on for a few hints and tips for protecting yourself and others while at work.

Antibacterial Surface Wipes – the growing popularity of hot desking in recent years should put these at the top of your workplace “must-haves” list.  Using Antibacterial Surface Wipes each time you settle in to your desk for the day will help to keep you safe from whatever lurgies may still be lurking from the previous user. Use them on all surfaces and even the desk phone. They’re also handy for cleaning up after lunch at your desk. Side note: for improved health & wellbeing let’s all agree to eat at least a few lunches a week AWAY from our desks.

Avoid coughing or sneezing in to your hands – the safest way to reduce the spread of germs from coughing or sneezing is to do the deed directly in to a tissue or in to your inner arm. Sneezing and coughing in to your hands just help germs to spread more easily, on to everything that you touch.

Hand Sanitiser – keep this handy little life saver at your desk or in your bag to keep you safe from colds and flu.  Be sure to use it before and after using shared office spaces like hot desks, meeting rooms and lunch rooms. By doing so you’ll protect yourself from other people’s germs, as well as keeping from spreading your own.

Wash those hands – your parents and teachers drilled this in to you as a child but have you properly kept up the habit as an adult? Studies have found that 95 per cent of adults don’t properly wash their hands. To keep yourself and your co-workers protected from germs take a moment to check in on correct hand washing techniques, bonus points if you print off instructions to hang in the staff restrooms, your co-workers can thank you later.

Hand Soap – A good quality, anti-bacterial hand soap made easily accessible in all washrooms and kitchens will kill harmful bacteria, and help to protect you and others from germs. Choose one with added moisturisers to help keep skin soft and protected from dryness during the colder months.

Keep your desk clean – a bottle of surface spray and some paper towel is your best workplace defence against illness during this season. Deny the germs and bacteria a place to breed by keeping your work area clean with regular wipe downs, and by removing dirty cups, plates and cutlery where germs love to hide out.

A good defensive strategy against germs and bacteria is all you need to reduce illness in the workplace. The cold and flu season can cause havoc with your productivity so be sure to keep yourself, and your co-workers healthy and happy by making some simple changes to your daily routine around the office.

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