The extra step that will make a huge difference to your leadership development programs

In my last post on “The first step in successful leadership development” I discussed about the importance of creating the right culture before starting to develop your frontline leaders. Now I want to move to another step, an extra step that will help to maximise the impact of the training you’ve provided.

I am assuming, of course that you have provided a high value and customised training experience for your new leaders. If that is the case and you are still struggling to see the transfer of learning into behavioural change then there is good news.

According to Marshall Goldsmith in this article on Huffington Post there is an extra step that many organisations overlook in the development process.

Follow up.

Just as a gardener doesn’t just put young plants in the ground and leave them to their own devices, neither should we send young leaders off on a development program and then expect them to instantly apply it back in the workplace. There needs to be a consistent and structured way of following up afterwards to support them in making the changes necessary to maximise the return on investment you have made.

In his article, Goldsmith makes the point that learning is a journey not an event. No matter how hard you try, cramming someone full of knowledge all at once is not going to fast track their skills. What they need is the equivalent of slow release fertiliser, delivered over time and in the right quantity to allow them to take it up and affect their performance. Does that sound like the kind of development programs you offer?

If you are looking for a frontline leadership development program that provides the follow up necessary to convert learning into behavioural change then my Budding Leaders Program is the solution. It can be delivered in three different ways to suit the needs of your organisation. To learn more visit

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