The Future of Working from Home

Tips for working from home effectively

Some people fantasise about working from the comfort of their own home. Whilst for others, it can set off alarm bells and a sense of dread. 

Whether your working from home situation is temporary or permanent, it's normal for anyone to take time to adjust to their new surroundings and adapt to the lack of colleagues walking around.

With more businesses offering employees the opportunity to work from home, what’s the real future of remote work that we can look forward to?

Working from home isn’t without its challenges and it can be difficult when starting out to manage your time, and limit distractions. Essentially, it depends on your mindset and how you set up your workspace. If you can master the initial setup and get control of your working hours, working from home has plenty of advantages.

Benefits of working from home

Flexible: The best part about working for yourself from home is you get to choose your hours. You can take a break whenever you want and if you want to head to lunch with friends. Not only that, but you also have more flexibility when it comes to looking after yourself, something 83 per cent of Australians have stated is a priority.

You can decorate your own office: When you work in a large corporate building, the layout has already been set up before you arrive. At home, you can do whatever you want with your space. You don’t even have to work in an ‘office’ at all. Why not take your laptop out and sit in the sunshine on the deck for your 10am meeting?

You’ll save time and money: Around 16 per cent of Australians say their commute to work negatively impacts how they feel about their job and on average Aussies spend between 1-2 hours commuting to work every day. Working from home meaning no more time wasted on trains and buses.

More money: Aussies on average spend around $11,000 per annum on commuting to work. Imagine the holidays you could have with that extra money?! You will also save money on clothes and shoes because all you’ll need is a tracksuit and slippers; and you’ll save money on food and drinks if you’re living from your pantry and fridge.

Less stress: Working in an office comes with a lot of stress, particularly when it comes to office politics. At home, you make all the decisions and you can steer clear of any grumbling from co-workers.

Tips for a home office setup that works

When working from home, you need to be prepared for long hours behind the desk, and to do that you want to maximise comfort. Here are some of our recommended must-haves:

  • Natural lighting will brighten your office space and boost your vitamin D, increasing productivity
  • A good desk with shelves will help keep your space tidy
  • A quality office chair that’s designed for the number of hours you’ll be using it will prevent back and neck pain
  • High speed internet is a must if you’re working online; contact your provider for the fastest options available
  • A surge protector will ensure your equipment is safe if there is a fault in any of your equipment
  • Investing in a quality printer / scanner will save you running to the local library, you can also include fax if you are working with old-school clients or employers
  • Effective storage space, such as organiser carts or bookshelves, will help you keep your desk free from clutter, allowing you to focus more on work and less on mess

Protecting your home office equipment essentials

Now that you have all your equipment set up and you’re prepared to start working, there’s one last thing you need to consider: security. To protect sensitive corporate data when working from home, don’t forget to secure your internet. You can easily secure your internet connection and home network by yourself with the guidance from Stay Smart Online

In addition to protecting data, physical security for a home office is essential. Make sure your office desk is cleared after work and sensitive paper documents are placed in locked cabinets. If possible, try to avoid having your office setup where outsiders can look in. Keep the house safe and stay one step ahead of potential criminals by putting sufficient security measures in place. It’s a good idea to check your insurance policy in case something was to ever happen. 

How to deal with working from home

Working from home can be highly productive, and the flexibility it offers can make life much easier and more enjoyable. Stay motivated, minimise distractions, create a comfortable space, and protect your equipment.

If you’re prepared, working from home can change your life.

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