The HR Practice which can Super-Boost Productivity

While corporate uniforms can serve to create a polished and unified look for a brand, this is not their only benefit. Uniforms and dress codes are also one of our top tips for increasing productivity within the workplace. So, how can matching polos or coordinated blazers change corporate culture?


Research shows that what an individual is wearing, dictates their thought patterns and mood. When an employee dresses in uniform, subtle social and psychological messages are sent. Their attitude and self-perception shifts as they step into ‘work-mode’. This encourages increased productivity as the distinction between their casual self, and their professional self becomes clear. A 2013 study by Forbes, stated that people are found to be more alert when dressing in uniform, as opposed to casual wear. From the moment an employee steps into their uniform - their focus is on work.


Teamwork is key in reaching new productivity goals and the best way to achieve this is by encouraging a sense of unity. Uniforms do just that. By creating a unanimous visual identity, a brand shows its employees that cooperation is expected. Uniforms can foster a sense of togetherness, which then, in turn, increases productivity.

Dress for Success

Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire conducted an experiment to test the effects of clothing on self-perception. She found that wearing a superman costume actually made her subjects believe they were physically stronger. Likewise, donning a work uniform makes people feel more connected to the company and more confident in their professional abilities. This confidence then directly translates into productivity.

Positive Perceptions

Positive reinforcement encourages employees to work harder and pursue higher levels of productivity. The owner of Shirt Studio Corporate, Mr Anchal, says ‘A corporate team is often the first personal touch point for a company and having team members represent the brand appropriately is essential’. When team members are well presented, clients give good feedback. This praise is then passed onto the employees and the cycle of success continues.


When an employee is dressed in uniform, they are identifiable. They have the brand’s values associated with them and are therefore responsible for the upkeep of that company’s reputation. This means reduced tardiness, better customer service, and improved attitudes.

No Distractions

Mark Zuckerberg is famous for his daily uniform of jeans and a sweatshirt. He claims that this consistency means his productivity is increased because he doesn't have to think about clothes. A uniform can have the same effect on the productivity of an entire workplace. Dress codes or uniforms remove the social pressure of styling choices and mean that expectations are clear. If Mark Zuckerberg’s success is anything to go by, it is easy to see that this has a real impact.


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