The impact of the pandemic on working parents in Australia

There’s no doubt this unprecedented health crisis has changed the way Aussie families interact, with many forced to stay at home and spend more time together than ever before.

In our latest instalment of research, The New Family Norm, we asked over 5,000 Australian parents how COVID-19 has impacted their family unit, values and behaviours, as well as what they believe could be the lasting effects on their relationships, careers and children’s education.

The report reveals the Australian family unit is stronger than ever in the face of COVID-19 and social isolation, with close to nine in 10 (87.7%) finding new ways to connect and make the best of this challenging period.

New ways of working

Although some have been doing it for quite some time, working from home, even just a few days a week, is becoming the new normal. Over half of Aussie parents have worked from home over recent months, and many still are.

Many couples have had at least one of them working from home during the crisis, with almost a quarter having both of them doing so.

Australians are loving working from home, with an overwhelming majority wanting to continue doing so a few days a week, or even full time.

Australians are enjoying the flexibility that comes with working from home, with an overwhelming majority wanting to continue doing so a few days a week (51.4%) or even full-time (39.8%).

A clear drawcard of the home office is the benefit to family life, with families spending more time together (67.2%), spending less time commuting (53.0%) and becoming more involved in family learning and experiences (52.9%).

Spice up your working from home experiences with your families

It is always a good time with your families but too much time staying at home might be difficult to some people. You can consider having mini house renovations to change your home office space or the space for your kids this weekend. New space will bring fresh ideas to work and also, doing DIY together is always a fun time for families.

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