The Rise of the Interim and Contracting HR professionals

Whilst having our weekly catch up across the Interim and Contracting teams, armed with coffee and curiosity, we got to thinking (dangerous but true!).

  • What HR skills are most in demand across the market? Analytics, Soft critical thinking, or change?
  • What is going on across the interim markets? Are we seeing growth through extended contracts?
  • What’s the ratio of Interim v Permanent placements as the shift to flexible working styles continues to grow?
  • Are we meeting our client’s needs from a strategic viewpoint? What are the HR skills required to drive the business objectives?
  • Are we on speed dial with our HR community when looking for Interim/Contracting solutions?

So, what have we observed across our markets?

From New South Wales:

“We’ve seen a rapid increase of businesses seeking Interim/Contracting solutions for specialised projects which are becoming the norm as the way we work continues to evolve. In our market, there’s been demand for HRIS implementation gurus, Change experts and those proficient in workforce/people analytics. Smart businesses know that they can tap into flexible HR professionals through their preferred capability consultancy #BUYBORROWBUILD #Thenextstep who can connect them quickly to the specific level of talent they require to get the project done cost effectively and without having to pay out large consulting house fees”.
“As for the Next Gen HR market, we’ve seen a steady flow of Interim/Contracting Talent Acquisition roles which makes up 40% of this overall market space.  The advantage of this for growing businesses is the flexibility to up or down size when necessary”.

From Queensland:

“Demand for contracting over the last 4 months has been directed towards the early to mid-career market that said, there is an increase in Interim and Contracting opportunities across our senior HR Community”. 
“We’ve observed an increase in demand for experienced in-house recruiters for short and longer term contractors across multiple industries with a rise in bonus payments on contract completion which is great”.
“There’s been a rise in requests for HRIS (especially Workday specialists) as well as Analytics for transformational project type work.  Our Contract placements are sitting at about 25% of all of our placements this year to date”.

From Victoria:

“Our market has been experiencing significant growth and the demand for Interim/Contracting resources has remained high, despite the increase in permanent opportunities. We’ve seen an increase in timesheet contract opportunities at the professional and executive levels of the market, however it is fixed-term opportunities that continue to dominate the leadership/mid-career level”.
“Talent Acquisition professionals continue to be in high demand at the professional level, as do strong HR Advisors and Learning specialists. At the leadership and executive levels, it has predominantly been the specialist streams that have been in high demand - Industrial Relations, Remuneration, Talent Management/Organisational Development, and Change/HR Project Management”.
“From an HSE perspective, there has been a significant increase in demand for Interim/Contracting resources, particularly at the professional level. We’ve been connecting and providing innovative talent for diverse projects (with a risk and analysis focus) and for generalist safety roles”.
So all in all, exciting times ahead. We’re enjoying playing a key part in keeping up with the pace of change and building capability across the future HR workforce.

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