Top 5 Tips for Recruitment Marketing

The world of recruitment has changed – it used to be that talented people went out and looked for suitable employment, trying to show why they think they might be a great asset to their potential employers. Interestingly enough, this is not the world that we live in today; in fact, nowadays, it is the employers who have to compete, in the goal of catching the eye of talented individuals. This entails them giving compelling offers to the candidates.
This has bred the reason behind the existence of recruitment marketing – it is a way of promoting a company’s story and culture, by informing the potential employee about all the perks and benefits of working in that company. With this in mind, we’ve outlined a few tips on perfecting your recruitment marketing.

  1. Know your story

A business with a story behind it is a business with a backbone and the young talent hates nothing more than it does a spineless company. This is why telling your business’s story is so important – it will convince the potential employees that they will have a bright future lined in front of them should they join your business.
Keep in mind that if there’s a personal aspect to be put into the story (there always is if you look hard enough), your candidates will find it easier for themselves to identify with you.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that being professional about it is out of the question. You should work on your story with your HR department and make sure that you use effective strategies!

  1. Candidate personas

Although customer personas are a relatively well-known concept, consumers aren’t the only audience out there. Candidate personas are an equally important concept. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself when creating a candidate persona:

  • What type of education and/or training do they need?

  • What skills should they have?

  • How much experience is required?

  • What type of a professional are they?

  • How do they spend time online?

  • What are their concerns with regards to choosing an employer?

  1. Create opportunities to convert

It is wrong to presume that a traditional application tab on your website will do the trick. Not every person that comes across your content or website is completely ready to apply for a position – some people are merely curious and passively see what opportunities exist, while others are simply researching. This is precisely why creating and publishing as many useful types of content as possible is so important – everything from white papers and eBooks to webinars!
Gating your content and asking for something in return, however, is of essence; think email addresses and contact info, so that you can extend your relationship.

  1. Leveraging content marketing for recruitment

What better way to attract customers and capture viewer interest than content marketing? However, content is also extremely useful for reaching out to recruits and sparking their interest.
Use your company’s website in the goal of promoting recruitment content. Alternatively, use a different website or a blog, with a specific purpose of reaching out to recruits. Of course, the recruitment blog can be hosted separately, but using shared hosting with other blogs is much more economical.

  1. Be creative!

We no longer live in an era of suits and ties – nowadays, a much more open-minded and welcoming manner can be seen and felt among professionals. While it is obvious how this can benefit the employee, it has also allowed the employer to maintain more of an “aloof” manner when hiring, especially owing to the fact that it wasn’t so long ago that a young entrepreneur was someone’s subordinate.
Thinking outside the box is always preferable. For example, Red 5, a computer game company, came up with a unique way to attract personnel when their resume flow was poor – they sent out 100 personalized iPods to 100 candidates with a recorded message from CEO and President Mark Kerr, encouraging them to apply! This is how it’s done!

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