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Jo Knox has kindly suggested that I give readers a bit more info on my forthcoming ebook. (I blogged earlier - 12 March)  Well, it's a highly interactive ebook about trouble in our workplaces, the disillusioned and disengaged that populate them and those that purport to lead.There are many stories derived from my experiences yet it is not all doom and gloom as the book provides many restorative strategies and ideas as to how the workplace can be made a better place to be.

A measure of difference is the 24 self assessment tools that enables the reader to calibrate their fit with work and their workplace. Upon completion the reader gets their place on what I call the wheel of fortune, mid fortune and misfortune.

The ebook is at times confronting, challenging, irreverent and it lampoons those that deserve it.

Any interest in having a closer look? I will forward a chapter listing and summary and a list of the 24 self assessment tools.That way you, as a HR practitioner, can decide if it is for you.

Ann Bolch, a then 'MyCareer' journo with The Age, had a squiz at an earlier iteration. Anne said in a published piece:''People like reading about other people because stories have the capacity to shed light  on our own experience. Nigel Marsh's 'Fat, Forty and Fired' and Michael Gates Gill's 'How Starbucks Changed My Life' told sories of workplace change..But this manuscript goes further than a memoir, proposing many strategies for change. Its strength is the self assessment tools for staff to understand the effect work has on then, to rate the quality of leadership and recognise poor management.'

My email:  wayjan at iprimus com au    (written so as to prevent email harvesting)

All contacts will be treated in strict confidence and I will not share your identity with anyone or share your email

Keep the passion - wayne

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Comment by Bernard Keith Althofer on April 17, 2012 at 13:04

Wayne,  Congratulations on taking this step.  It seems that this topic has various disguises, and given some comments being on various forums, is timely. Having put pen to paper previously for my book, I hope that you have great success.  I note that the ebook is 'at times confronting, challenging, irrevent and it lampoons those who deserve it".  This will no doubt create an interest.

I like the idea of self assessment tools.  Helping people to understand or even see where they fit (or don't) is important.  The really scary part of reading some books in when you recognise yourself in the book.  Then again, books such as this should be read in the manner in which it is intended. 



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