Weekly Wisdom No.117: Trying to please everybody

There is absolutely no point trying to please everybody. It's impossible. There will always be somebody who believes it is their job to be negative about what you're doing--to find what's wrong. No matter how long it may take them. And, if you invest your energy and resources into coercing and convincing those few who don't like what you're doing, you've lost. If you change what you're doing to placate and appease those few, you'll find the result isn't that startling, different, ambitious, or brilliant. So, it probably won't sell very well.

Similarly, do not be fooled into believing that nobody will like what you do. That's certainly not the case. Even if only one in a million like what you're doing, that's still a pretty large niche in a global economy. Don't be so quick to walk away from such a niche when a critic tells you no one is going to like what you're offering. However, be prudent with the decisions you make and resist the temptation to allow your ego to inform your reason. What you may consider to be a small cadre of people whom you believe to be important is not everyone. They may not be in the large numbers you think. Assess the true market potential without trying to please everybody and without ego embellishing the reach.

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