What Is the Role of HR Department in Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection of employees is not a simple and easy task. It demands knowledge of psychology, social studies and, of course, the industry those employees will perform their tasks. Additionally, you have to be acquainted with the educational system in your country and the country you’re hiring people from.

When you plan to hire someone from abroad, there are several factors that you have to think of. Immigration laws, regulations and procedures are one, while the expertise of the person is the other. Since they can’t come to an interview, you will have to use Skype or other similar apps to talk to the candidates.

The importance of recruitment and selection process

Selecting and recruiting are serious processes that can have a great influence on the company. If you choose the right candidates for the job, you can help your company grow and increase its revenue.

However, HR department is also responsible for managing employees which is a demanding and important task. It can take up a lot of limited time the departments already have that can affect the selection and recruitment of new employees. This is the reason why the companies often hire more than enough employees, or not nearly enough for certain positions.

HR department is also responsible for filling in crucial positions that can impact the overall performance of several employees or even a whole sector. Compared to the traditional method of hiring which treats all positions equally, the contemporary concept is more focused on individual influence each working station can have on the company.

Without appropriate selection and recruitment, this is impossible to achieve and so HR department is the key to dealing with lack of significant and certain employees. The recruiter is under pressure to find the best person for the job, so they look for people no matter where they are.

Questionnaires and online forms

Creating an online questionnaire and forms is a way to mitigate the amount of work an HR department has on its plate on daily basis. It will help eliminate the candidates that don’t fit the job position based on the requirements you asked for. Often, people would apply for the positions they don’t have enough qualifications for believing that persistence is a skill to get them there.

There is hiring software that can help you with the selection and recruitment process and help you get to the best candidates more quickly. Depending on the industry you work in, you will have to choose appropriate software but it will certainly facilitate your work, given that you have other tasks besides hiring new people.

Modern technologies and HR

With the help of modern technologies, HR department can do a lot. You can set up video meetings with candidates and conduct interviews with them, without any additional travel costs to the company. Also, you can ask for all the documents to be sent in electronic form, and check certain data online.

LinkedIn plays an important role in hiring today and it will make it easier for you to check and verify certain details a candidate stated in their bio. Also, Facebook and even other social networks are something that can tell a lot about a future employee.

HR department takes these platforms seriously since they are part of the public domain and candidate’s behaviour there can affect the company’s image. In addition, having an online portfolio is a norm today and so it’s completely logical that it’s included in the recruitment process. Just make sure that you pointed that out in the ad so the candidates would have a chance to polish their profiles.

Hiring people from abroad and immigration rules

Australian immigration law and regulations are complex, but they allow hiring people from other countries. This is something HR departments like to use especially in the industries that are growing and are promising for the company when it comes to its growth and financial gain.    

One of the ways to shorten the process of selection and recruitment for international hires is to use the services of migration agents Australia offers. The Australian government also offers a skilled visa and you can nominate a future employee for it as their employer. This is a great option for those who find a qualified and skilled person without publishing an ad for the job position.

For example, horticultural industry in Australia is specially featured on the Australian Government website. As are the doctor positions for those medical experts who want to work in the rural and remote areas of the continent.

HR department can also use Visa Entitlement Verification Online or VEVO to see if their preferred employees are eligible for a visa. The access is easy and you have to register for the account by filling in a form online. However, you can’t check the status of a person without its identity document or passport. Therefore, make sure you ask for that when they apply for a job position, as well as their permission to check their details in VEVO.  

Responsibilities after recruitment

After you recruited a candidate, you have to follow their progress and give them a probation period to see how they adapt to the company and their colleagues. Some people may look good on paper, but lack social skills and that can create issues in communication and impair the revenue.

Instead of losing money from the start, HR department is responsible for assessing and evaluating new employees. It provides a specific time period for an employee to learn to perform the job efficiently and to get used to their team. After that period is over, HR department will together with employee’s manager grade that performance and based on that, decide if they’re a good fit for the company.

Also, they have a task to help that new employee fit in more easily. This is done through team building activities, regular follow-ups with their manager and communication with the employee. It’s to do everything possible to help an individual feel comfortable in their working environment and deal with any issues that may arise.   


Make sure that the policies you use as an HR department are up - to - date with the newest employment legislation. Also, depending on the scope of your overall workload, see what can make the recruitment and selection process easier, better and quicker. This will be a beneficial factor for you, your company, employees and all the candidates who apply for the needed job position.  

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