Human Resources is a constantly evolving profession that requires agility to meet the needs and objectives of organisations. HR professionals for the most part display great business acumen, relationship skills and of course technical knowledge and courage! 

The overarching strategy for a HR professional should be aligned with the organisations plans and objectives.  CEO’s and Senior Stakeholders are results driven and the truth is, it is the responsibility of the HR professional to understand the business from their perspective and this should be reflected in the design and implementation of the HR strategy.
Whether focusing on the development of operations, systems and processes, implementing change or succession planning, the question that consistently needs to be asked is:  What are the projected outcomes of these activities and are they aligned with the business plans and objectives?
From an advisory point of view, great HR professionals know what doesn’t work. It’s not experience in diagnosing issues that solve problems, most line Managers will have already identified those.  The most powerful tool to bring to the table is courage! Do what really needs to get done even if the decision made won’t be popular with everyone. If HR can develop a reputation for being brave and tackling issues with honesty and integrity whilst doing what is best for the organisation as a whole, they will have earned the respect and credibility of the entire organisation.
The HR professional should develop a strategy that they can map and articulate back to the key stakeholders of the organisation demonstrating their achievements such as ROI, financial gains, systems implementation, adoption of automation, increased employee engagement and retention.  
Some examples of initiatives that demonstrate these behaviours include:
  • Streamlining infrastructure and outsourcing shared services to allow for organisational growth and development and freeing up budget to invest in other areas of the business such as creating new products and services to meet the changing market needs.
  • Implementing a HR/HSE talent development strategy to shift transactional and siloed behaviours to more value adding business partnering mindsets that foster innovation and develop commercial acumen. 
  • Cultivating global HR community relationships and referrals to set up satellite HR teams to support business growth and entry into overseas markets.
To be a best in class HR professional, build confidence to step into being a strategic thinker, have the power to influence and be decisive in decision making. Partner with all relevant levels of the business, not just the senior management.  Seek guidance and develop networks and sound out ideas with mentors to develop a unique and innovative approach.  The best advice we can give is to spend time with the end customer, there is no-one more qualified to provide insights than them.  
The Next Step works with organisations that seek to Buy, Borrow and Build talent.  

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