Why does your organisation need Anti Bullying Training?


  1. The make sure that you employees understand what workplace bullying is and what it is not
  2. To support the health and well being of your employees by taking steps to eliminate bullying from your workplace
  3. To support your policies, polices alone cannot stop bullying
  4. To make sure that you employees know the consequences if they engage in bullying in the workplace
  5. To show your employees that you are serious about protecting their health and well being and taking steps to eliminate bullying from your workplace
  6. You could be ordered to by the FWC, see below

Recently the The Fair Work Commission by virtue of the scope of its powers under the anti-bullying laws ordered that an employer arrange for the conduct of anti-bullying and positive communication training by an external provider within two months.
Link to case - https://www.fwc.gov.au/documents/decisionssigned/html/2017fwc4988.htm

In addition workplace bullying caused a great deal of stress not only to victims but others in the workplace.  If left unchecked it can create a toxic working environment and lead to the loss of good staff and the potential for legal action.

Smart employers ensure that their policies are backed up with regular training for all employees.  It is also important to conduct update and refresher training for staff new and old

Anti Bullying Training Sydney NSW - Training options;

Face to face. AWPTI can provide expert workplace investigators and trainer to conduct anti bullying training tailored to your business needs and we are able to work within your budget.
Details of our courses - http://awpti.com.au/employee-training/

Advantages. The training is real, the scenarios and cases studies are real, you get to hear about real cases from actual investigators


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