Why isn't your next hire a 'law of attraction' away?

If social media is about attracting and connecting like minded people, does it bring the 'laws of attraction' to a simple reality?  Generally speaking, and whether one believes it or not, the laws of attraction are about attracting and willing like thoughts, ideas, situations, people, events and circumstances, so isn't that what we are doing now across our social media platforms when we actively discuss, share, like and connect with others?

So, keeping the above in mind, why don't we just collaborate, communicate, share and discuss job opportunities with one another to attract like minded candidates to our roles, rather than defaulting to traditional advertising and recruitment ways many employers and recruiters still use?  Sure, it's what we know, but think about how many people you know of who still don't speak highly about the industry in general.

Recruiters and employers are increasingly turning to social media where they have tweaked their recruitment processes around the edges to incorporate the digital world, but social media platforms merely seem to morph into yet another form of job board posting.  In many cases you still need to apply to a position whether its via an online profile or upload a resume and yes, job seekers still get filtered.

I know of a person who recently, to their surprise, was offered a job without an ad being posted or an application being submitted, because the employer liked what they saw with regards to how the person interacted online, what they posted and what they contributed to via social media, so why can't this success story be the new norm?  Why are we still reluctant to attract and hire candidates in a different manner to pave the way for a new recruitment paradigm shift that is obviously chomping at our heels, but is still currently the exception to the norm?

New start-ups and social media savvy generations who enter the work force or become our next leaders, I suspect, will be expecting to get their job opportunities, as well as their own new hires, via meaningful connections, discussions and interactions with a group of like minded people whom they are engaged with online - the 'social recruitment' laws of attraction playing its part and paving the way. 

Could it be possible that one day, job ads and resumes will be a thing of the past?


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