Young entrepreneurs prove age is nothing but a number!

SpotJobs entrepreneurs Lewis Romano and Jake Williams share their insight on how they turned a non-existent concept - into reality.

Don’t let their youth fool you, Jake and Lewis 25 and 26 respectively have acquired capital from top investors to finance and have established the fourth biggest jobs board in Australia.

Research from consumer intelligence company Experian identifies that SpotJobs is the fourth-largest jobs board in Australia, following competitors; Seek, CareerOne and MyCareer. 

SpotJobs Provides permanent and part time entry-mid level job opportunities with impressive customers ranging from Harvey Norman, Apple, KFC, Toyota and Nando’s.

Lewis Romano (left) and Jake Williams (right) 

How did they do it? Lewis Romano, the son of Emirates public relations expert Judy Romano and business consultant and keynote speaker Frank Romano, shares his insight.

How did you start your business? Where did the concept originate from?

The idea of SpotJobs was born through Jake Williams' (co-founder) experience as a school leaver looking for work to make money for Schoolies. Expecting to find a that would have work close to home on a casual basis for a few hours a week.

To his shock there was no at the time, so we set off on the SpotJobs journey, determined to fill the glaring gap that existed in the online job board market.

What are your entrepreneurial techniques and most important strategies in business?

Being an entrepreneur, much like almost anything else is about being a salesperson. 

In the early days we sold our concept to friends, family and our immediate network to gain their validation for our concept. From there we sold SpotJobs to investors, asking them to share our vision and most importantly we had to sell them that Jake and I were the right people to see this through.

Stepping forward to today and as a fully-fledged business, we're selling every day to our customers and showing the value of SpotJobs and how we can assist their organisation.

My father says "there are sales people and those that think they're not" - Every entrepreneur knows that they're a salesman or woman. 

What obstacles did Jake and yourself come across?

Two steps forward one step back or sometimes three. That has been the nature of our journey to date. We wouldn't change that because it is what makes us get up every day excited to come to work to continue to make our vision a reality. 

There have been many obstacles, from cash flow issues in our early days, to securing the right investors to add fiscal value and their equally important time to the business. 

If it were easy, everyone would be a successful entrepreneur. How we react and respond to obstacles it what sets success and failure apart.

What advice would you give to a future or current entrepreneur?

A few key points;

  • If you're going to work hard at something. Work on something big.
  • Surround yourself with the people who have been there and done it before, draw on their experience and listen to everything they have to say. 
  • The best businesses are often the easiest to explain. Don't complicate things and confuse investors
  • Find a mentor, if you don't have one. Get one. has been funded by some of Melbourne’s wealthiest investors primarily the Simonds family who own major home builder Simonds Homes, as well as members of the Smorgon family who top BRW’s Rich Families.

Lewis and Jake will continue growing SpotJobs with Jake having established office in Sydney this month as Lewis maintains the home front in Melbourne.  

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