Last week’s webinar on Paid Parental Leave (PPL) & related entitlements was a huge success!


We had a record number of participants and loads of questions, so many that our lovely solicitor Leila created a factsheet which provides much needed answers to all your PPL queries.


You asked questions such as:

        How does the Government ensure that employees are on unpaid leave with the company?

        Can an employee apply for a second maternity leave while on the first unpaid maternity leave?

        If an employee is on their 2 weeks of Dad and Partner Pay and a public holiday falls, are they

entitled to their public holiday rate and not their rostered pay?


Click here to see the whole Parental Leave factsheet - thanks Leila!


Ben is the Chief Executive Officer of Employment Innovations (EI), he is also a qualified solicitor with a passion for business.

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