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First Impressions - You don't get a second chance

Most of us at some point in our lives have had an interview experience where we just didn’t connect with the other person, we can’t quite articulate why but the meeting didn’t ‘gel’ as well as we had hoped.
There are so many variables as to whether a meeting goes well or badly that you can’t possibly plan for them all but some research says its takes six 2nd impressions to change a first impression, so it pays in the long run to get it right the…

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On the Hunt for the Best Employees? Try These 8 Strategies

Recruiting, pouring over resumes, narrowing down for interviews, going through those interviews, and finally making a selection. This is the standard process for finding a new employee. You may be posting the opening on large job boards, in which case, you will probably receive hundreds of resumes to…


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How the cloud helped Perisher beat a HR avalanche

Ever wonder how seasonal employers keep up with the major shifts in hiring? As the largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere and the most popular in Australia, Perisher has to ensure it brings on the best talent to keep its stellar reputation.

For a business that is reliant on seasonal activity, their base level of 150 can quickly jump to 1,350 staff during peak period, which means a huge focus on HR and recruiting leading up to the winter season. 

While 700 of their…


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Workplace Party Pitfalls and Perils (A Christmas Story)

At a time when workers increasingly work remotely, communicate online or use hot desks, the annual staff Christmas party is a valuable opportunity to get everyone interacting face to face. 

A Christmas party is also a good way of getting staff who rarely see one another during the working week to meet, to reward staff for hard work, to celebrate the success of the past year, and to motivate employees…


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Future proofing your recruitment needs

At Teamfinder we work with businesses, not just on solving their short term recruitment needs, but also helping them to implement a long term recruitment strategies.  We often find that businesses are to busy worrying about their immediate recruitment requirements, that they have not worked on a strategy to future proof their recruitment needs. 

The benefits of implementing a recruitment strategy can range from providing you with a steady stream of job ready candidates, through to…


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Romantic relationships in the workplace

It's a legit relationship, so why is it anybody else's business?

There has been a lot of debate recently around the impact and consequences of romantic…


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Influence Through Preparedness and Tangible Takeaways

Today we’re sharing insights about the benefits of preparing tangible takeaways before heading into an exchange with a team member (or a colleague for that matter). We’ve recently come across several situations where we’ve helped leaders prepare for a variety of responses heading into a conversation. Invariably we’ve found that presenting visual materials or specific evidence to back up points or demonstrate intent has successfully influenced outcomes. Here’s how. You can listen to the …


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HR Postcard from London

Today's postcard is from London

Australia should be proud of its high-quality HR talent.  The Australian HR community is now represented around the world.

Today’s Postcard is from ex-pat Australian Chris Meyrick, a Senior VP of HR currently based in the…

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When Gender is Irrelevant: Male-On-Male Workplace Harassment

Sexual harassment and predatory behaviour can happen to anybody. When most people think about this type of conduct, it is generally in the context of male-to-female harassment or, perhaps more rarely, female-to-male harassment. However, this is simply not the case - sexual harassment can be perpetrated by anybody towards anybody. 

A recent decision of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal of NSW highlights the potential for…


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10 ways leaders can think globally and develop an international outlook

In my previous post, I looked at why leaders benefit from having a ‘global mindset’ for a global age. Now I’d like to look at the ‘how’ and suggest a few ways of developing a global mindset. This will help you to overcome hurdles and benefit from big opportunities.

Coaching a global mindset…


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Why today’s leaders need a global mindset

Culture shapes our behaviour. The places where we grow up, work and socialise influence how we perceive others and how we interact with them. We develop a ‘mindset’ – a set of beliefs that can predetermine how we interpret and respond to different situations.

Globalisation and digital transformation are breaking down…


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Flexed to the limit: How the Fair Work Act encourages flexibility in the workplace

A recent survey conducted by global workplace solutions group, ManpowerGroup, has revealed that almost 90% of workers are opting for, or at least open to, arrangements that allow for flexibility in lieu of traditional “9 to 5” work arrangements.

The research report, #GigResponsibly – The Rise of NextGen Work, uses the term “NextGen Work” to…


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Safety not guaranteed – Workplace bullying and work health and safety

The anti-bullying measures in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) were introduced in response to the Government Inquiry report, Workplace Bullying: We Just Want it to Stop, which recognised the problem of bullying in workplaces as both an industrial relations issue, and a risk to the work health and safety of workers.

The SafeWork Australia…


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What is a Workplace Investigation and When Should You Initiate One?

What is a Workplace Investigation?

A workplace investigation is supposed to be procedurally fair process to try to determine whether allegations that have been raised against another person in the workplace are substantiated or not substantiated. So it's a process of collecting facts and evidence to be able to make a determination on a…


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Why, I do declare! – Statutory declarations in the employment context

In Australia, we rely on statutory declarations for a range of purposes, from declaring identity details when documents are lost to making statements about particular situations, including in the employment context.

What is a statutory declaration?



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Say it, don’t spray it: Paint gun operator summarily dismissed for serious misconduct

The Fair Work Regulations 2009 provide a non-exhaustive list of instances that might constitute “serious misconduct” warranting summary dismissal. We have previously discussed these Regulations and what might or might not constitute serious misconduct in our blog, “If I can be serious for a moment – getting serious about serious…


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Top of the food (supply) chain: Woolworths enters compliance deed to eliminate trolley collector exploitation

Earlier this year, we told the tale of the of the trolley collectors in Once upon a trolley – an ongoing saga involving underpayments, vulnerable workers and the Fair Work Ombudsman’s (FWO’s) scrutiny of labour supply chains. In that blog, we focussed on an enforceable undertaking that involved Coles supermarkets and the…


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Let me restart: Anti-bullying orders issued to employer and employee to reset the employment relationship

The anti-bullying jurisdiction of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) gives the Fair Work Commission (FWC) a broad power to make any order it considers appropriate to prevent a worker from being bullied at work (except an order which requires monetary payment).

In Burbeck v Alice Springs Town Council; Davison; Price;…


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Why are so many HR Careers peaking too soon?

Every year I update my salary guide. As part of this process, I examine and analyse every vacancy and compare it to the salary data I get from job seekers. It’s a fascinating task (no, really, it is) because it tells me all kinds of things about the state of the jobs market and what’s happening in the world of HR. By reading the numbers I get a black and white insight into what trends are happening, where the growth is, and what my corporate and applicant clients need to know.



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Guidelines to Headhunt Integration Architects

Integration architects are quite scarce to find as their demand doesn’t seem to diminish in the near future. Human Resource teams struggle when they need to fill the post of an integration architect in quickest period of time. That’s why, HR teams get a sinking feeling when they are asked to headhunt solution architects for critical integration projects or onboarding customer data. Here are some best practices to streamline the headhunting process and select an…


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