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What makes a great HR Professional?



Human Resources is a constantly evolving profession that requires agility to meet the needs and objectives of organisations. HR professionals for the most part display great business acumen, relationship skills and of course technical knowledge and courage! 

The overarching strategy for a HR professional should be aligned with the organisations plans and objectives.  CEO’s…

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SMB - Female Executives & Stereotypes

“She’s good at what she does. But at the end of the day, she’s only out for herself,” said the C-Suite exec.…


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4 telltale signs that you need a new HR system

These days, managing HR in a growing business is a constant task. As an HR manager, you’re probably overloaded with work and you never seem to get to the bottom of it all. It’s not unusual to rush from meeting to meeting, extinguishing fire after fire. You’re always checking your e-mail and making countless phone calls.

But there’s a big difference between being productive and just being busy. And if you’re…


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Professional Distance and Conflict of Interest at Work

During the seventies and eighties, organisations started to realise that the improper use of power and authority and undeclared and/or ineffectively managed conflicts of interest, posed a significant risk to their integrity and public trust. 

The requirement for ethical business dealings focuses the spotlight on conflicts of interests and the factors involved in creating the perception of conflicts…


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How to Write Effective Competitive Analysis for Your Small Business

When it comes to running a small business, none of the points should be ignored. The matter is that this is a highly competitive industry, therefore, you will get thousands of the competitors who will do their best to stay at the top of the market. If you don’t…


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Eliminate the Forgetting Curve with Digital

The modern age continues to present us with challenges and opportunities when it comes to being at our most productive. The speed at which technology is advancing means that many companies and brands are faced with very real productivity challenges. How do you stay competitive in a market that is constantly undergoing change and evolution? At the same time, we’re presented with myriad of ways that people can be more productive, both personally and professionally. The challenge for the modern…


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Putting Things Off: Why Procrastination Can Be Good For Your Career

Routine to rare, procrastination grips most of us from time to time. Generally seen as a problem simply to overcome, we are learning that procrastination may actually be controllable, and a way to help us differentiate ourselves in a crowded workforce.

The Good and the Bad

Frequent procrastinators are often unfairly…


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Divided opinions needn’t mean a fractured team.

Diversity. It’s typically one of the greatest strengths of a thriving business. Yet while differences in skills, backgrounds and opinions can often be harnessed to great effect, inevitably some issues are so fundamental they can instead create tension and conflict, turning a smooth-running workplace into anything but.

There’s arguably no better…


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Document Examiners: When to Make Use of Them

Should the outcome of a workplace investigation be taken on review, the integrity of the evidence, amongst other aspects, will come under scrutiny. 

In cases where documentary evidence is relevant, it can be valuable to present expert evidence or obtain an opinion from a document examiner. 

But as a recent NSW case involving document examination demonstrates, it is also…


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Workplace Misconduct - Things to consider when terminating an employee

Recently an employee who was terminated for workplace misconduct as as result of drinking too much alcohol on Anzac Day and was awarded $8229.00 after the Fair Work Commission found that her dismissal was valid but none the less harsh under the circumstances.

Avril Chapman was employed by the Tassal Group. Her job  involved scaling, slicing, weighing and packing fish.  She had  been employed since 1 August 2012 and was terminated for workplace misconduct on 1 May 2017.

On 25…


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Vulnerable workers bill: Don’t fall short of the new rules

Employers and franchise operators take note. Stiff new penalties are about to come into force after reforms to protect vulnerable workers passed the Senate.

The Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 also gives the Fair Work Ombudsman more muscle for evidence gathering to ensure they can carry out investigations into in the most productive manner.

The bill significantly boosts fines for …


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6 Good Coaching Habits For Managers and Leaders

As you move up the leadership chain, your role steadily changes from supervisor to manager to leader. Supervisors are very task oriented and the focus of their work is ensuring that outputs are met in a particular timeframe. Managers and leaders however are more focused on empowering their team members to take responsibility for their own outputs.

In the modern work environment, this requires managers and leaders to be coaches and mentors, usually to their team members but also…


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Being Cluedo'd into the allegations

  Why the allegations matter.

It is alleged…


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How to Deal with Passive-Aggressive People


We all know them; passive aggressive people.

It is that colleague who in meetings always rolls his eyes, makes snide comments and refuses to engage in any way, shape or form.

Or the co-worker who murmurs under her breath: ‘yeah, yeah, been there, done that, why are we reinventing…


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Integrating HR Systems for Better Interoperability and Management

Integrating Human Resource systems help organizations in receiving many great benefits. A unified and single source of truth can streamline HR operations, provide real time view of employees, and improve employee records. Integration between Human Resource Systems is an imperative but it is also a rugged challenge.…


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Why soft skills are vital for business success

At SalesDNA, our clients, prospects and networking acquaintances often ask what they can do to enhance the productivity of their people.  While our answers vary to suit the situation, we invariably end up talking about the skills and behaviours their people demonstrate when interacting with their clients and with each other.

It is now well recognised that success in business can be significantly enhanced by developing the interpersonal and emotional intelligence behaviours of people…


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Bad is stronger than good

Is your fear of losing out clouding your thinking?  Are you persisting with a poor strategy just because you have invested a lot of time, effort or money in it?   Our evolutionary hard-wiring and hyper-sensitivity to danger and loss has helped us survive and become the most successful species on the…


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Baby plans, pregnancy and the workplace – do employers have a right to know?

It is a question that has been up for public debate since Jacinda Ardern, the recently elected Labour Party leader in New Zealand, had to deal with controversy hours into her new job after radio show announcer Mark Richardson said New Zealanders had a right to know whether there was a possibility their potential prime minister might take maternity leave.

While on air Mr Richardson said, “If you are the employer of a company you need to know that type of thing from the woman you…


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Can you transition staff without hard feelings?

It’s a pressing question many organisations who are about to embark on change and restructure ask and the answer is yes – provided you have the right approach to redundancy.

At the end of the day transitioning employees want three things from employers – significance, support and sensitivity.


Unexpected redundancy can be a big blow to an employees…


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Five steps to exiting employees in a positive way

Whether you’re planning to fire an employee or one of your people tells you they need a chat, having to exit employees is never easy.

Firing someone is probably the most difficult thing you’ll ever have to do as a boss. By the same token, it’s hard not to take it personally when someone who you’ve nurtured tells you they’re leaving. Yet, people resign for many reasons, most of which are beyond your control.

Both scenarios can be gut wrenching, though it’s important to…


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