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9 Industries Benefit from Web Scraper Octoparse

Big data has become a fast-grow trend in nowadays’ economy, the demands for data extraction tools are getting stronger and stronger. This article lists 9 industries that link closely with big data, and have great demands for web scraping, data extraction tools. Let’s see if your industries are on the list.



E-commerce companies use web scraping to collect competitor’s information, such as monitoring their…


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Are Corporate Uniforms Tax Deductible?

Are Corporate Uniforms tax deductible? The answer is a little more complex than you might imagine.

 Compulsory Uniform

 The Australian Government allows people to claim the cost of corporate uniforms which are deemed ‘compulsory and necessary’. But, what does this mean? Compulsory uniforms must tick at least some the following boxes:

  •  Distinctive to the company (i.e includes a logo or brand colours).
  •  Not part…

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So how do HR professionals stand out from the competition?

Most professionals strive to be the best versions of themselves that they can be, and for HR professionals standing out from others is vital to career success.
With responsibilities stretching across most or all functions of an organisation, a successful HR professional is engaged with the entire business and works towards achieving the overall organisations goals not just the goals of their own department.

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Know Your Impact. Know Your Reputation.

As a leader or manager you are in a position where you have more impact than most. While your intention will always be for that impact to be positive, sometimes it’s affected by factors you may not be aware of. Your reputation for example.

If you have a reputation for being strong or principled, then chances are your words and your directions will have more impact than someone with a reputation for not walking the talk. Where there’s a misalignment, problems will arise. They may be…


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What currency are you carrying?

It’s that time of year when many of us head off overseas. Different country, different culture and different currency. I’ve recently returned from my native Britain. Fancying myself as something of a global traveler, I like to keep a bit of local currency in my wallet. (Not quite…


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Initiatives Taken by Top Notch Universities to Produce more Entrepreneurs than Job Seekers

The difference between an entrepreneur and a jobseeker lies in their respective mindsets. While the entrepreneur will focus on improving his skills, the jobseeker is a perfectionist focusing on improving his weaknesses. An entrepreneur is ready to take the risk of an uncertain future but the jobseeker prefers stability and security. The go-getter attitude of an entrepreneur is what makes him drastically different from an employee. He is not afraid to experiment and he will not hesitate to…


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Redundancy notification meetings: reducing risks when telling employees about redundancies

Breaking the news about redundancies will never be an easy or enjoyable process, but with forward planning and a respectful and compassionate approach you can avoid adding to the distress of the affected employees and avoid long-lasting and potentially damaging impact to your organisation. 



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Rights and Obligations at Work Related Events

When is a work related event not a work related event and when do the rules of the workplace apply? The rights and obligations of employers and employees can be blurred at times.

A function held on work premises, for example, can at times be a private event and outside the scope of an employer’s obligations. And a private off site event can also at times be considered work related if an employer has directed an employee to be…


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Top Ten tips for conducting internal workplace investigations

When faced with issues of workplace misconduct or complaints or grievances employers have a duty of care to respond in a manner that ensures a safe working environment. – Read more about the duty of care

Generally when you receive a complaint you have 3 choices;

1. Outsource to an external investigator (See what the FWC had to say about outsourcing investigations…


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Natural Justice - Privacy and Reliance on Covert Workplace Surveillance

In a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC), a nurse has been reinstated following her termination in circumstances where covert video surveillance was the 'sole foundation' of allegations against her. The FWC also found that her employer's human resources department acted incorrectly and inappropriately in the circumstances surrounding her dismissal.




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How are you describing the elephant?

This is a parable taken from early Buddhist, Hindu and Jain texts…

Word got to a group of blind men that a strange animal, called an elephant, had been brought to the village.  Having no clue about its shape or form, one said: "We must inspect and get to know it by touch.  Of this we are capable". When they found it they touched, caressed and groped so that they could each share their findings.  "This being is like a thick snake" when the trunk was touched. For another, it was…


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Misconduct Investigation Allegation Letters

When AWPTI conducts an investigation we provide all the documentation including letters of allegation to our clients however I am often asked “Should we provide some sort of letter or email with the allegations?”

The answer is always YES.

Why: Recently I published an article about allegation letters, procedural fairness and why it is essential……


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Unfair dismissal, serious misconduct & workplace investigations

When considering dismissing an employee for serious misconduct, employers must bare in mind the following;

  1. Does the alleged behaviour that resulted in dismissal reach the threshold of serious misconduct
  2. Have you conducted an investigation – do you have the evidence to support the decision to terminate?
  3. Does the punishment fit the crime?

More details of another case there the issue of the punishment fitting the crime was considered by the FWC – …


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Summary dismissal – Do you have the grounds?

In light of the  XL Express Pty Ltd decision at the Fair Work Commission, I think it’s time to review Summary Dismissal. (More about XL Express here –

Summary dismissal is dismissal without notice. It does not require advance notice to the…


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Carer’s Leave and The Fair Work Act in the Workplace

Carer’s leave was introduced as an employee entitlement in the Australian workplace as part of the Fair Work Act. Under Section 97 of the Act:

An employee may take paid personal/carer's leave if the leave is taken:

(a) because the employee is not fit for work because of a personal illness, or personal injury, affecting the employee; or

(b) to provide care or support…


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How Do We Get Employees To Adopt Technology For Learning?

Classroom training can seem like a real treat. Especially when we consider that more than 3 quarters of people haven’t attended a course in the last two years. But if they’re not attending courses (even if they like them), then…


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Are you limited by the people around you?

You are being limited by the experience of the people around you.  Many Leadership teams fall into the Thinking Trap of Experience because they believe that once a subject or idea is discussed and debated by the team it is sufficient to make a good decision.  Sadly, most Leadership teams…


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An induction on deductions from employees’ pay

Student accommodation provider UniLodge faced reports this month that it deducted a total amount of $74,336.00 for “rent” over the period October 2011 to April 2016 from the combined salary of two of its onsite caretakers.

The husband and wife caretakers claimed that they were paid a total of $85,784.40 gross over the same period, despite being…


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“O Captain! My Captain!” – Not a vindication, but dismissal was harsh: FWC says captain who failed employer’s alcohol test was unfairly dismissed

Setting policies and procedures for the effective management of drugs and alcohol in the workplace is important, particularly for safety critical industries.

The overarching goal of such policies and procedures is to ensure employees do not show up for work in an impaired state and place themselves, other employees or their employer’s business at…


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“Because I said so …” The causal link between adverse action and workplace rights

The general protections provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) aim to protect employees from adverse action (including dismissal) because of a proscribed reason. Proscribed reasons include the existence of a workplace right and the exercise (or failure to exercise) a workplace right.

By way of example, an employee has a…


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