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How will Abolishment of Visa 457 Affect HR

The abolishment of the Visa 457 program earlier this year is definitely the biggest political decision that will have impact on Australian HR in a long time. In case you haven't heard, Prime Minister Turnbull announced the abolishment of the program in April, replacing it with the Temporary Skill…


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Why more employees are filing General Protections claims

Over the last six months we have seen a significant rise in General Protections claims made against employers, with business owners and managers needing to defend themselves and their company against claims of sham arrangements, adverse action and discrimination. Many of these claims are being made even while employees are involved in a show cause or performance management process.

To help you protect your employment brand and mitigate risk and liability, here is what you need to know…


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Why employee development is your greatest advantage in a changing business environment

With increased competition, accelerated change and more immediate demands from customers, you need a highly engaged team at the top of their game. By taking the time to develop your staff and carve out career pathways you build a stronger, smarter, more loyal organisation that is better equipped to handle the tasks, challenges and changes ahead.

Still not convinced that employee development is a worthwhile investment in your business right now? Here are four reasons developing your…


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Top 3 tips for introverted people leaders

If you’re an introverted manager, chances are that you will occasionally find your preference for introversion is challenged by your role as a people leader. That’s not to say that introverts don’t make good managers or leaders. It just means that sometimes there’s a need to take on extroverted behaviour in order to be effective.

To clarify. That doesn’t mean you have to ‘be’ an extrovert, just that it helps to take on extroverted behaviours.



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Once upon a trolley – The cautionary tale of trolley collectors and supermarket supply chains

The plight of trolley collectors has been a focus of the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) for many years, and the Australian Industrial Relations Commission before that.

In 2011, the FWO shifted its focus to the end users of the trolley collecting supply chain – big supermarkets. The FWO raised its supply chain concerns with Coles noting that Coles’…


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Think before you click: Email and IT policies

The internet and email are essential tools for most businesses. Email makes correspondence and transactions simple and efficient, but it is also easy to send the wrong email to the wrong recipient!

Employer provided IT, internet and email services are prone to abuse and misuse by employees, sometimes deliberately and other times not. To guard against…


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Witness for the prosecution: Prosecutions under the WHS Act

In our last instalment of our three part blog series we will focus on the most extreme form of enforcement under the Model Work Health and Safety Act, prosecutions.  

Prosecutions can only be brought by certain parties as set out under section 230 of the Model Work Health and Safety Act (Model WHS Act).  If the Court finds that obligations…


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The Undertaker: Enforceable Undertakings under the WHS Act

In part one of our three part series we discussed improvement and prohibition notices under the Model Work Health and Safety Act.  In this second part we will focus on enforceable (or WHS) undertakings. 

An enforceable undertaking is an agreement between an organisation and…


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Non compliance with industrial laws just got 15% more expensive

The value of the Federal Penalty Unit is set to increase by approximately 15% from 1 July 2017.

In an employment context, this means that employers can be fined up to $63,000 per breach of the Fair Work Act, whilst individuals (such as directors, managers and others found to be “accessories”) can be personally fined up to $12,600 per breach.

Last financial year the Fair Work Ombudsman ran extensive audit campaigns in a number of industries. Of the businesses audited,…


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The Do's and Don'ts of Inductions

I recently wrote about the importance of treating your candidates as customers, however now that a candidate has been offered a role it's critical to ensure that you get their induction into your business spot on.  How do you ensure that when your new team member arrives for their first day you get it right?

This is a make or break it day and it is critical to a successful start into your business.  If you do not get your recruitment and induction right, you might find yourself with a…


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Here’s how you get employees to take ownership over their work (part I)

There's a strong link between employees who take ownership, having a culture of accountability, and having a high trust workplace in high-performance workplaces. These elements must be embedded into the value and culture of a company in order to see the benefits.

This is post one of a three-piece series on building a culture of ownership, accountability, and trust in the workplace.…


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Guidelines for Conducting In-House Workplace Mediations

Just as a meeting agenda keeps a meeting on track, a mediation meeting framework ensures that all important steps are covered and important discussion items are raised and addressed. This framework can provide structure and confidence for a less experienced mediator.

One of the most important tips I can offer you is not to rush the workplace mediation meeting. It is a common error to rush the meeting and this…


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Why it’s OK to play the fool on the hill

I’ve always loved the Beatles. As I explored in ‘Bringing out the greatness in others’ the variety of their music was extraordinary. For me, it’s their quirky songs that stand out; none more so than…


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The HR Practice which can Super-Boost Productivity

While corporate uniforms can serve to create a polished and unified look for a brand, this is not their only benefit. Uniforms and dress codes are also one of our top tips for increasing productivity within the workplace. So, how can matching polos or coordinated blazers change corporate culture?


Research shows that what an individual is wearing, dictates their thought patterns and mood. When an employee dresses in uniform, subtle social and…


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Help Your Team GROW With This Framework For Conversations

As a manager or people leader, you have several conversations with team members each day. These will often have a coaching or advisory element to them. Some may even be about performance management. And…


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Leadership On and Off the Field - A Conversation with Tim Cutler

While in Hong Kong recently I had the opportunity to have a chat with Tim Cutler, CEO of the Hong Kong Cricket Association to discuss leadership and the role of leaders in sport and business.

As a former Australian Netball representative, former consultant to the Malaysian Netball Leadership team, and current Business and Sports Coach, I’ve always seen the connection between…

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Candidates - Customers or Commodities

We’ve all heard stories about that job interview that didn’t go to plan.  Overly aggressive HR staff, condescending managers, or recruitment teams that for whatever reason just didn't like you from the very beginning.  These are the experiences that thousands of people have each and every day in the pursuit of employment.  They are the experiences that are retold over coffee with friends, or dinner with family.  Experiences that are damaging your business…


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Are you Serious about your future success?

As I build my consultancy helping experts to become confident and successful influencers and leaders, I’m struck by how many time wasters I meet.

Of course, these people are an irritation to me. But they’re also wasting their own time, resources and personal ‘energy’ as they flit from one free meeting, seminar or webinar to the next – picking up crumbs, but with no focus or strategy. These are not serious people. I doubt that many of them ever achieve the success they claim to…


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How psychometric testing can help overcome bias in hiring

 We’re all biased, whether we care to admit it or not. And bias becomes a real problem when it interferes with your ability to find real talent and affects your business’s growth.

We are all biased, whether we care to admit it or not.

That’s not the same thing as saying we’re all racist, xenophobic, homophobic or misogynistic. It’s not even the same thing as saying we prefer people who have the same background as us or think the same way we do (although,…


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Top 5 Tips for Mindfulness in the Workplace

People leaders are no stranger to 'mind fullness'. Not only do they have their head crowded with their own issues, but usually there are a dozen or more team issues keeping their mind full also.…


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