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Can You Deny Access to Workplace Investigation Documents?

Parties involved in a workplace investigation will often wish to gain access to documents that form part of the process. A difficult question for investigators is when - or if - it will be appropriate to release particular information. The reason for the request and the nature of the information will be key considerations, plus the investigator must find the best way to ensure that the access process is fair and…


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Aligning HR strategy with business strategy

No doubt we have all heard the saying ‘I hope it turns out okay’ and it never does? Hence why it’s important not to rely on ‘hope’ and ‘luck’. The same applies in the business world. Organisations cannot take a chance with that kind of mentality when it comes to maximising its competitive advantage to accomplish its mission.  

Today’s businesses are evolving rapidly, therefore having a solid strategy is crucial for the success of any organisation. As they say, ‘an organisation without…


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The truth Hertz: Vehicle services attendant dismissed for lying on his CV

Employers are often required to exercise a significant degree of trust and reliance in job candidates, believing that they will be truthful in recruitment processes. Whilst it is good practice for employers to double-check a job candidate’s qualifications and experience prior to making an offer of employment, the reality is that information provided in a curriculum vitae or an interview will be relied upon by an employer when considering who to recruit.

For employers, the consequences…


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Checking it twice: the importance of pre-employment and reference checking in recruitment

The applications have closed, the interviews are conducted and you think you have your ideal candidate– but HR tells you that you cannot make an offer until pre-employment and reference checking is conducted.

For some, pre-employment and reference checking may be considered a needless step which creates additional administrative burden – particularly when an employer has their candidate ready and able to start. However, conducting pre-employment and reference checks may turn out to be…


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You say it best when you say nothing at all – The risks of providing unfavourable or false references

Providing references to prospective new employers about employees can be a tricky business. There are range of important considerations for those delivering references to take into account and often conflicting interests can creep into the equation.

Common concerns include:

  • The risks of providing an unfavourable reference;
  • The risks of giving an exaggeratedly favourable reference;
  • How much information to give away;
  • The impulses of managers to…

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Hire for 'Culture Add' and Create Diverse Teams

Culture. A word you probably hear often if you remain up to date with the latest business leadership articles or entrepreneurship blogs. It’s your organization’s North Star, how work gets done and is driven by a common set of core values, beliefs and behaviours that characterize your organization.

Establishing a united company culture takes a lot of work, but there are many payoffs to benefit your business’s…


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Fighting Age Discrimination in the Workplace

At any given time, there are multiple generations operating in the workforce: new starters, more established professionals and those heading towards retirement.

While this…


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Unmasking the Leadership Myth


The concept of ‘leader’ is hardwired into our brains.  Our life experiences, first with parents then teachers then managers, instil in us the unquestioned concept that social structures need a leader. 

This paper builds on some of the concepts outlined in my previous post, entitled ‘Trapped in an evolutionary time-warp: how human genetics sabotage modern organisations’ .

The management literature and its associated supports (MBA’s,…


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Yes, yes, no: FWC rejects employee’s bid to reopen unfair dismissal claim after parties fail to sign terms

One of the first steps that the Fair Work Commission (FWC) takes when dealing with unfair dismissal claims is to require the parties to participate in a conciliation.

The purpose of a conciliation is to help the parties resolve the matter without the need go to a full hearing before a FWC member. In its most recent quarterly report on unfair dismissal applications, the FWC reported that about 59% of unfair dismissal claims were settled at…


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Take me to your leader: FWC Full Bench rejects Aldi’s EAs due to restrictive NERR

A recent decision of the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has once again confirmed that the precise content and form required for notices of employee representational rights is no trivial matter.

At the commencement of bargaining for a proposed enterprise agreement, employers are required to give relevant employees a notice of employee representational rights (NERR).

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) is very specific about the…


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Welcome to the 21st Century: Social Media and Industrial Action

Most people use social media to keep in contact with family and friends, watch funny cat videos or to share a clever thought or pretty picture. However social media is also recognised as a powerful information sharing tool and many social movements are commenced and advanced online (think hashtags including #metoo, #loveislove).

It is not a surprise then that internet activism is also being utilised by employees in their industrial disputes. In June 2018, staff from the Bureau of…


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Worried about a termination turning into an unfair dismissal claim? You have nothing to worry about if all the right steps are taken and if the employee has been afforded with procedural fairness. 

One of the most fundamental duties for HR professionals and managers of any size organisation is when it’s time to…


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What Is the Role of HR Department in Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection of employees is not a simple and easy task. It demands knowledge of psychology, social studies and, of course, the industry those employees will perform their tasks. Additionally, you have to be acquainted with the educational system in your country and the country you’re hiring people from.

When you plan to hire someone from abroad, there are several factors that you have to think of.…


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Pinch of Thought - from BLOG to VLOG

A picture paints …….

I’ve been publishing the Pinch of Thought blog for a few years now. As regular readers know, a big part of playing the Influencer game is getting across new technology. Video is not new, but, it’s becoming increasingly important because most search engines now rank it above written blogs.

My (cunning) plan is to create a written blog each week and then a video version - generally released the following week. Below is the first version. So it’s…


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Need to build a talent pipeline? Where do we begin?

Need your talent pipeline well-stocked for the new financial year? It may seem like a distant dream however it’s NOT, only if you get the initial stages of…


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