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Is the art of Effective Negotiation a dying one?

The most contentious point of any negotiation/discussion about wages and conditions linked to productivity is how you measure the productivity changes. It is important for negotiators to be aware that the productivity gains do not necessarily equate to job losses, or loss of current conditions.


With the recent media exposure in regards to agreement outcomes for some major australian industries, it begs the question, is the art of effectively negotiating…


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How To Really Freak Out Your Workforce

Businesses across Australia are facing many different challenges.

Some companies are struggling with the decline of the manufacturing sector and related job losses.

Organisations in the resources-rich states are facing rising labour costs and skills shortage issues.

Businesses in the retail sector are trying to protect tight profit margins and decreasing sales…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

Something from our…


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Strategies for overcoming labour shortages

KPMG reported that the labour shortage worsened by 10% over the past year. We know the labour market is set to tighten even more in the future.  What strategies have you implemented to ensure your organisation has sufficient, productive staff for the future?




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Who will carry your vision? Tips to develop your successor

60% of companies don’t have succession plans in place and yet this article suggests “…


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Simple tips to motivate your team

As a team leader, HR manager, senior executive or CEO, part of your job requirement is keeping your team motivated and engaged. Sometimes this may not be easy; for example through periods of change and uncertainty.


Some of the top IEC tips for motivating teams include:


Clearly define the desired outcome

Employees want to know what they are working towards so they can have a sense of accomplishment once it is completed. It needs to be a concrete…


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The Death of Reference Checks...?

Considering the amount of time and effort that goes into performing reference checks, Employment Office posed the question: Are Reference Checks really worth it?


EO’s Shortlisting Specialist team believes that reference checks remain a critical aspect of the recruitment process in the modern job…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

The lady is a…


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More “Style” Than Substance

A conversation about questionable psych tests with the delightful Nicole Underwood, Adelaide recruiter extraordinaire, and HR Daily Community Blogger yesterday, inspired me to re-visit this post, which I thought I'd share here:


A quick google search reveals all kinds of over-simplified and so called “psychometric” charts and graphics and tools, that have been deliberately, and I think cynically, designed to appeal to our human desire for colour and…


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How To Retain Top Talent

The recruitment industry is notorious for high staff turnover. Statistics range from 43% (Staff Turnover: A Recruitment Industry Crisis) to the average length of service of a new Recruitment Consultant being 8 months! Ironic for an industry that specialises in recruiting the right staff for their clients to make a buck!

So interesting as I reflect on my recruitment career, that I too left my…


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3 Key Tips to prevent bullying and harassment in your workplace - a non-HR practitioner's guide

Who's been bullied or harassed at work? Or known someone who has been? For the employee/s who are bullied or harassed, it can be a nightmare that results in significant mental anguish and trauma. For employers whose employees bully or harass others, it can be a very expensive exercise. Just ask David Jones.

So - I'd like to provide 3 key tips from an employer's perspective to reduce the risk around bullying and harassment occurring in your workforce. These are really basic tips - but…


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Win a free pass to "How to manage - and lift - workforce performance"

Hi all, and welcome to our new members.

We now have nearly 100 blog posts on HR Daily Community, so I'd like to thank each of you who has contributed in the nearly three months that we've been up and running.

To those of you who haven't posted…


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A simple workplace culture health test


Just like a garden can tell you a lot about the people who live in a house, I can tell the state of your culture and the level of employee engagement by the state of your office plants. To me, they are a marker of what is going on, what gets attention and what doesn’t.


Here’s what I mean . . .




  • Don't have any? This is a sterile work environment that doesn't feel natural.
  • Have fake ones? You…

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How are you managing talent shortage 2.0?

It’s an interesting question, and for forward looking employers, one worth exploring.


Many of our professional services clients who are looking to fill their business services and audit teams are now telling us that it’s really hard to find skilled people in this area – particularly at senior to management level. Despite bumps in business confidence, our take on this market is that actual demand for staff in these sectors is almost back to pre-GFC levels.




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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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So why are negotiators failing to secure productivity gains during union negotiations? One simple answer, they are unaware that the Good Faith Bargaining door swings both ways.


So lets examine, in brief, a typical negotiation scenario. The union surveys its members for what they want as outcomes to the negotiations. The employer (if properly supported/advised) establishes a negotiation framework. This sets clear boundaries for their negotiators in terms of what productivity…


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Three situations where coaching is a waste of time

Have you ever looked at someone you’re coaching – either a team member or a client – and  felt you just weren’t getting anywhere?

What is it that gives us that uncomfortable feeling?  Looking back over my experiences, there seem to be three main factors at play when coaching just isn’t…


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The search for talent is evolving ….are you considering the bigger picture?

Over the past few weeks I have met some amazing talent through my networks.  These people are not active job seekers trawling the papers and websites looking for their next move – they are successful business people in their own disciplines who are open to being "shoulder…


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Right of Entry requirements under the Fair Work Act

There seems to be a growing number of instances where HR Consultants/Advisors and Managers are confused about the minimum requirements for the provision of a Right Of Entry Notification under the Fair Work Act, allowing unions to gain access with non-compliant notifications.

There are a number of instances where union officials can exercise their right of entry, the most common being entry to hold discussions with employees who are members of the union under the unions…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

You know that old…


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