We all know that you only get back what you put in.  This is especially true when it comes to investing in employee wellness. The wellbeing of your employees has a direct impact on the performance of your organisation from productivity levels through to unscheduled leave and consequently loss of revenue. 

Whilst HR are working towards achieving high-quality wellness initiatives, to achieve success, it is necessary that leaders as well as employees are together aligned towards the goal of achieving a wellness-centric work culture.  
To be an Employer of choice, such as Google and Fitbit, organisations must care about their employees’ welfare and incorporate wellness initiatives across the organisation.  Access to online sites such as Glass Door ‘find the job that fits your life’ allows potential talent to review organisations on not only their wellness programs, but also their work/life equilibrium, in turn reflecting the organisations corporate culture and pulse. It is these types of initatives that see Google and Fitbit and the like consistently rank in the top ten for Best Places to work. 
Companies that rank well include Google and Fitbit, and show up in the top ten consistently. 

So what makes for great corporate wellness? 


Be flexible

The transition into flexible work places is still very challenging for most organisations and this flexibility is the biggest contributing factor towards employee wellness as it focuses on developing a better work-life balance.  Research shows, employees that are able to work from home are more engaged, less stressed, have higher job satisfaction, less absenteeism and inclined to stay in the role longer.  Flexible working schedules have also shown to improve employee performance and have the same positive impact.

Be mindful

Corporate wellness stretches beyond flexible working practices and physical exercise programs, mental health also needs to be considered.  Encouraging conversations and offering employees support by partnering with key organisations such as Beyond Blue and initiatives such as R U OK day. A current buzz word in this space is mindfulness.  Training your mind to be consciously aware of how you are feeling and learning to acknowledge and reflect on your feelings and reactions as opposed to being paralysed by them. Effectively reducing stress and depression.

Be fit for business

When it comes to employee values, salary is no longer the most important factor. Job satisfaction, feeling valued, and the provision or encouragement of a healthy work-life balance are. 
Providing health assessments, being ergonomically astute, creating opportunities to increase employee fitness levels such as organising group fitness sessions and mobile massages all contribute to corporate wellness. 

Be committed and supportive

Corporate wellness begins with commitment from company leaders and its continued success depends on the support from employees at all levels across the organisation.  A successful wellness program means a healthy work environment that is integrated into the organisations overall vision and purpose. A business that focuses on corporate wellness is built with intention.  A corporate wellness culture needs to rely on consistent support across career progression, emotional issues, financial situations and physical well-being.

Be accountable and successful

Regular evaluation of your corporate wellness programs including maintaining accountability and recording employee progress will ensure its longevity.  Rewards and incentives will also add to the success of the programs. From a financial perspective, monitor medical costs and absenteeism related to illness, comparing these to the costs of the corporate wellness programs to evaluate an accurate return on investment. 
Many companies also sponsor sporting events that get massive publicity and encourage employees to participate. The City2Surf is one of Australia’s most popular races and a large number of participants are from corporate groups.  This helps build employee rapport, supports the community, positively builds brand awareness and provides an opportunity for employees to improve their fitness level.

Be accessible

Make sure your corporate wellness programs are easily accessible, assign ambassadors across different levels of the organisation. And where possible in-source elements such as health check-ups and mobile massages, with 3 minute angels. Create an accessible point of information such as an internal Facebook group to keep employees updated on new initiatives. 

Be an employer of choice

An organisation that adopts corporate wellness as a core value for all displays innovation. To become a recognised employer of choice who attracts top HR talent, show evidence of how corporate wellness is lived out in the organisation.  Posting company activities across social media and including details on the company website give potential talent insight into the organisations wellness values.
The HR Space is a boutique HR and HSE assessment and development business that works with some of Australia’s most respected organisations. They provide a comprehensive range of training programs, assessments and bespoke consulting solutions to HR and HSE professionals. Visit: www.thehrspace.com.au

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