The Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based POS Software

Choosing an effective and appropriate POS system for your business is imperative to running a successful store. Traditional sales technologies have, in recent years, been left behind by web-based POS software. Small businesses and large chains alike have found a cloud or web-based POS system far superior to traditional computer systems.

Here’s why switching to cloud-based POS software is a smart move for your business.

The installation is better

A lot of the time, implementing a new POS system can be difficult. Installing the software to a specific system can take hours of deliberation and help from customer support. On top of this, a huge fee for a licensing agreement is required, which usually sees businesses locked into a contract for an extended period of time.

Mikal E. Belicove explains why most people make the switch, “most businesses have a change of heart when they experience a virus on their Windows-based POS system. The cost to reinstall Windows, their POS and drivers is just too much, so they look for options.”

A cloud-based POS, such as Vend, has a simple alternative. The software is hosted on the providers’ server, meaning you have a much quicker installation time. Another advantage of the POS system being cloud-based is the fact that IT tasks, such as updating, backing up files, and system reconfigurations are all taken care of by the provider, from their end.

In addition to all of this, cloud-based POS software generally costs significantly less than most traditional POS systems and is paid through a subscription type service. Money can also be saved due to web-based POS systems being compatible with almost any computer or device with an internet connection. That means no more expensive computers, servers and hard drives to back up onto.


Enhanced accuracy

For small businesses especially, one of the most common problems they face with traditional systems is human error. Businesses can suffer from unrecorded sales and inaccurate inventory counts. This element of human error, which occurs usually during busy periods can cause a few problems. Firstly, unrecorded sales and incorrect inventory causes inaccuracies in stock takes and profit counts. If your staff have to spend their time on chasing down these issues, they lose the ability to help customers and close sales, resulting in a loss of profit.

A cloud-based POS system with an intuitive interface increases the accuracy of your sales by reducing the chance of human error and in turn, frees up your staff to attend to customers.


Improved inventory management

Because web-based POS systems increase the accuracy of sales and updates inventory in real time, stores can manage their inventory with increased efficiency. Knowing exactly what items are in each store, in transit or need ordering at any time is hugely beneficial and cost effective.

Insights and trends

Web-based POS software is changing what POS systems can do. High quality POS systems can do much more than scan items and count inventory. Data can be pulled from the software that can help the business grow and increase profits. Profiles can be built around customers and their individual habits and the business can see what items are successfully selling. Essentially, this means targeted marketing can be created with more ease and effectiveness.


Remote access and control

As the system is connected to the cloud, POS systems can be controlled and accessed through almost any device with internet connection. Business owners no longer need to be in-store to know what’s happening, what’s selling and what needs ordering. Wherever you are around the world, you can get all the important information you need to keep your business running at full performance.


Improved costumer experience

Almost all of these benefits lead to an improved customer experience which is huge for growing and maintaining your customer base. A cloud-based system increases the accuracy and consistency of sales, meaning customers are served quickly and correctly. Selling a sold-out item is no longer an issue. Marketing and promotions are easy to manage meaning staff know what deals are available and can properly inform staff.

Additionally, the speed a cloud-based POS allows is much faster than that of a traditional system and a system crash is far less likely. Ultimately, a quality cloud-based POS system will lead to happier customers.


These 6 benefits only scratch the surface of cloud-based POS systems. When implemented and utilised effectively, a quality POS system can mean the difference in your business just making it through another year, or seeing new and exciting growth.

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