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How to engage your people with Compassionate Power

As we begin to see the green shoots of recovery and a drop in unemployment, the labour market will once again become more active.  What are you doing to engage and keep your best people while continuing to be firm and fair with any underperformance? 

The deepest recession in living memory led to a shift in management style from easy-going to a far more authoritarian style.  This may have been necessary in order to make some drastic changes to business models and tighten business…


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The hidden candidate gold mine: 400,000 part-timers almost available

At the end of last year, the ABS released its Barriers and Incentives to Labour Force Participation, Australia, July 2012 to June 2013 (catalogue 6239.0).

This survey revealed some fascinating information about…


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Why don't more have it or at least communicate it?

….. Corporate Social Responsibility is what I am talking about.  I recently saw an advertisement promoting Business Clean Up Day which is on 25th February 2014.    It got me thinking that whilst you do see some businesses supporting various events such as this but in all…


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How to Prepare a Presentation that is easy to Follow

So you might be fine with getting up and presenting – you may be comfortable to speak confidently in front of a group. But you’ve been asked to speak on a specific topic, there’s plenty of material but where do you start to create this presentation?

Here are four easy steps to follow to get all the information you need together to prepare your presentation.

1. Use a Mind Map – see  …


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Employee Engagement surveys provide part of the story. Do you know which part?

Surveys have been a popular way to measure employee engagement, and are commonly part of a cycle which is repeated every 12, 18 or 24 months.  They are useful, however there are a number of issues that you need to be aware of to ensure you get the best out of your data.

Before I start, it is probably worth explaining that for almost 8 years prior to getting back into the HR industry, I was part of the Global Leadership Team for  two large online data collection organisations.    I…


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True Grit: How you can build resilience to thrive in the most challenging of times

This post is written by Kellie Lewis, GM – Wellbeing, Sentis

Across industry, the constant and rapid pace of change, economic uncertainty, restructures, redundancies, doing more with less, demanding performance targets and competing priorities, cost pressures, increased competition, commuting, and being constantly connected or wired in - are just some of the pressures and challenges facing the leaders and employees in the modern workplace and industry today.

The result…


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Women, Career Desire and how to avoid “Unnecessary Sacrifice” along the way

Diversity and Inclusivity were certainly words high on the agenda in 2013 and over the course of the year I was involved in many conversations that looked at barriers for young professional women.

My observations from these conversations with industry bodies, board members, young professional women and organisations focusing on gender diversity are that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Consistently over the year I posed the questions: “Is it that young women can’t…


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