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Zombie companies: “Cut the fat not the muscle” - 6 post JobKeeper tips for employers

As we head towards the end of JobKeeper and the proverbial cliff for some companies – the term “Zombie Companies” spring to mind.  What are “Zombie Companies” – those who are heavily reliant on the JobKeeper payments to pay for operational costs of the business but once the subsidies run dry will have difficulty running the business.



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Consult, co-ordinate and co-operate: SafeWork NSW successfully prosecutes a PCBU for failing its consultation obligations with other duty holders

Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) have a range of positive duties and obligations to ensure the health and safety of workers under the model work health and safety laws in Australia. These duties and obligations can at times be forgotten, especially when PCBUs are engaged in complex work arrangements that involve a number of duty holders.

In such cases, PCBUs must be aware of the duties they bear, such as the consultation obligation which requires a…


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Sexual harassment and work health and safety – New guidance material released by Safe Work Australia

Australia has long had in place state and federal anti-discrimination legislation which recognises sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination and makes sexual harassment in the workplace unlawful. Under sex discrimination legislation, such as the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth), employers are obligated to ensure that workplaces are free from sexual harassment and can be held vicariously liable for the unlawful acts of their employees.

New guidance material has been…


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Are your employees fine? How to properly manage conflict in the workplace

Are Your Employees Fine

“I’m fine.” You may be fine but how you're delivering that answer might give away more information than you think.

Have you asked an employee how they are and you receive a blunt response? Have they responded, "Fine" (in a deeper tone with slight, downward intonation)? …


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Long needed IR changes lose the BOOT and 4 that are still in – Update for HR and employers

We recently discussed the Government’s IR proposed changes in the article Loosening The BOOT Straps And 9 Other Industrial Relations Changes. There has finally been some movement in this regard with discussions with the…


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Virtual Assessment Centre – An alternative to face-to-face


COVID-19 presents a unique challenge for recruiting teams across the globe. While the work we do hasn’t changed, the landscape and how we deliver results has. Organisations are still pressing forward with their recruitment and finding ways to quickly adapt to the virtual world of assessing potential.

Despite the remote move, potential employees will still need to be provided an opportunity to demonstrate the behaviours and skills that are important to both the role…


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Creating COVID-safe assessment centres for St John Ambulance


St John Ambulance WA have been using Assessment Centres for a number of years as part of the selection process for their Student Ambulance Officers (SAOs). This highly competitive process sees over 1000 applicants compete each year for a place in St John’s and Curtin’s program to become future paramedics. Previously, these Assessment…


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Your 7-step guide to planning redundancy

A redundancy should never be a quick decision; you need to start preparing weeks, if not months in advance to do it right and provide the support your redundant employees will need for a smooth transition.

To help you prepare, follow this 7-step guide to planning redundancy and be sure to seek the appropriate professional advice throughout the process.

1. Assess your reasons for…


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COVID-19 vaccinations are coming – what now? 5 questions for Australian employers to consider

A number of Employers now must consider the COVID-19 vaccination.  In a previous article “Can Australian Employers force an Employee to get…


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7 creative employee benefits ideas

Many people may wonder why are benefits important. Employees are paid to work, right? Even though that's true, finding a specialist in each area of work is quite difficult. The constant fluctuation of employees may cost your company millions! So, if you want to prevent that from…


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Less is more: Fair Work Commission critical of investigation process despite the employer’s valid reason for dismissal

Employers often see the disciplinary process as an opportunity to raise every single indiscretion by an employee – even though the issues occurred in the past or are minor in nature when compared to other misconduct. However, this approach can weaken the employer’s position, rather than strengthen the decision to dismiss.

In Lupson v Australian Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd [2020] FWC 6721, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) was critical of an employer’s…


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How businesses should handle workplace injuries

It is not uncommon for employees to be injured while performing work. What should an employer do if an accident occurs? What documents should be drawn up? What payments are due to the victims? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article. An industrial accident…


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Fine following workplace fatality quadrupled following government intervention

Work health and safety legislation in Australia places significant duties and obligations on persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to ensure the health and safety of workers. These duties and obligations, and the penalties for non-compliance, are intended to reflect the serious harm that could be suffered by workers at work and to act as deterrents to employer staking shortcuts when it comes to health and safety.

PCBUs must have the correct processes and…


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What should employers do with “side-hustle” employees? 4 ways to defend the business

The phenomenon of employees taking on “side hustle” projects or secondary projects is nothing necessarily new.  The increase in secondary employment and multiple/diversified income streams has also been given a boost with the onset of COVID-19.

A number of Employers have taken to terminating the employment of employees due to secondary…


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