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Do your frontline leaders have integrity?

Being a successful leader today comes down to values. I believe that being a values based leader will become even more important for your future leaders. One of the most important of those values is integrity. It is a key quality you need to look for when selecting leaders.

Here is a story that demonstrates what can happen when your leaders have integrity.

“A successful businessman was looking for a successor to take over his business…


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But that’s not what I meant!!

Who cares! Quite frankly it doesn't matter what you meant, it only matters what the other person heard. The quicker we come to grips with this the happier we will all be. I know this can be tough. I recently wrote a white paper and sent it around to my trusted colleagues for feedback. I got some very clear feedback around a set of questions I had included.…


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What To Do When Working Under An Ineffective Leader?

Lead Without A Title First

Leadership begins from disposition not position. I often come across this with individuals that don’t have the title of leadership and consequently they negate shining where they actually do hold responsibility. When we think and behave with a leadership ‘mindset’ we decide:

- that when situations arise we will be somebody that looks for the solutions, not the…


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The team that learns together, grows together

I watched an inspiring movie last week called ‘The Good Life’ about the plight of a group of Sudanese children displaced by war and their journey to resettlement in the US as young adults. It was a very moving story and I recommend watching it, but the thing that caught my…


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8 Things Organizations Look for in a Training Company

Recently I was moderating a discussion in the Learning Development Group ( The topic was: What Organizations look for in Training companies? The participants were an interesting mix of experienced learning leaders, training vendors and freelance trainers. The discussion was truly an eye-opener. I have captured the summary of the discussion in this blog. Please read more to discover some interesting…


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The World around is Changing: What should I Do?

Dealing with change can be difficult. No matter what form the change takes -- a merger, a reorganization, a new boss, or a downsizing -- change means leaving the known for the unknown. And facing the unknown can be hard. 


Dealing with change 

The following strategies will help you maintain a basic sense of optimism during times of change:

  • Remember that you are not alone. More and more employees are feeling the effects of…


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The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 2 – The Conversation

This is the second article in the series The Art and Science of Presenting.  The first article was called ‘Where do we start?’ Episode 2 considers the conversation, what we have to say.

-        The Audience

-        The…


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EBA Bargaining Stage 3 – Top 3 Tips to Trade Claims and Maximise the Pie

In the previous two articles I provided tips on how to plan for EBA negotiation success and then, in article 2, how to ‘set the table’ at the start of the negotiation and control the process to maximise your chances of success (see previous articles at This article will give you key insights in how to trade ‘log of claims’ items and ‘maximise the pie’ at the bargaining table.…


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Are you being too Harsh or too Permissive?

Managers often fall into the trap of being either too harsh or too permissive.  Both of these traits are due to an imbalance in management style.  The secret of effective management is to understand a number of  paradoxes and the ability to balance two…


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The right way to choose frontline leaders

Frontline leaders are vitally important to the success of any organisation, given that they supervise up to 80% of employees. Choosing the right ones needs to be based on science, not just gut instinct.

In my previous post I discussed the 6 wrong ways to choose frontline leaders and whilst it may seem obvious to simply do the opposite of that list, there are a few other factors to take into account.

So what are…


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Understand Your Behaviour Style For Improved Performance & Results

We all get along and communicate comfortably and effectively with people who are like us. If we were all similar it would make life at work somewhat easier. However, this is definitely not the case and one of the biggest challenges for employee engagement lies in the misunderstanding of these different communication/behaviour styles.

Many leaders are not…


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The Art and Science of Presenting- Episode 1 Where do you start ?

Episode 1 – Where do you start?

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be presenting you with a comprehensive step by step guide to the art and science of becoming a high impact and persuasive presenter, a Mindful Presenter.

What is a Mindful Presenter?

It’s someone who communicates with awareness, purpose and the…


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