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When you get it wrong, 3 mistakes an employer made leading to a general protections order of $85K

There are a number of well documented workplace problems continuing to persist as we…


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Marketing Advices to Attract Customers With Minimum Effort

The effectiveness of a marketing method isn’t so easy to make an estimate of. You see, a method may be effective but also incredibly expensive, which would make it not cost-effective enough. Then again, there are some marketing methods that give you incredible effect but take a lot of time and effort. For instance, content marketing gives an incredible ROI and is quite cost-effective but takes a lot of effort. According to some estimates, in 2020 it took 3…


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Reasonable management action or workplace bullying?

Following on from my last article - 'Why do managers get complaints?', do you know the difference between workplace bullying and reasonable management action.

This article goes into more detail about what the Fair Work Act says in s789FD(2) - ‘Behaviour will not be considered bullying if it is reasonable management action carried out in a reasonable manner.’ and how I as an investigator address this question when conducting investigations against…


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Why do managers get complaints?

Workplace complaints against managers – why do managers get complaints?

The easy answers are:

1. What they do!

2. What they don’t do!

What managers do

As a workplace investigator I have conducted a large number investigations into complaints about managers and what I have found is that many complaints come as a result of the manager:

* Managing and directing an employee

* Placing an employee on some form of performance improvement…


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Measuring the skills and behaviours of potential maintenance technicians

Successful maintenance technicians have a sought-after combination of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) including a wide range of trade-related skills and knowledge, and a depth of experience to troubleshoot problems and complete regular maintenance and repairs. They also need a clear focus on safety, and the ability to work effectively across the organization, interacting with the rest of the workforce. 

However, there is critical shortage of qualified…


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Celebrity searches and confidential information – 2 tips to deal with misuse of client information

Access to confidential information is part and parcel of work for many employees especially those working in finance, professional services and technology based businesses.  The ANZ Bank recently dealt with a case where an employee filed an unfair dismissal claim after she was dismissed for:

  • Undertaking an unauthorised celebrity search on…

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Pick up the phone: Fair Work Commission finds employer’s failure to comply with its consultation obligations rendered an employee’s dismissal to be unfair

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on Australian businesses.Employers have had to, with little notice, adapt to these changing circumstances to try and minimise the adverse impact of lockdowns on the business and its employees.

During the pandemic, many employers have been forced to implement redundancies as a means of trying to survive. Reduced employment opportunities have also resulted in greater scrutiny being placed on employers to ensure that the…


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Garbage in, garbage out: Employee fails in bid to have safety-related dismissal found to be unfair

A dismissed employee can lodge an unfair dismissal claim alleging that their dismissal was “harsh, unjust or unreasonable”. Employees will often claim that the dismissal was all three: harsh, unjust and unreasonable. However,these concepts are distinct and will be considered separately when determining whether a dismissal was unfair.

A recent decision Hamlin v City of Sydney Council[2021] NSWIRComm 1010, the NSW Industrial Relations Commission…


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How HR professionals can optimise office design

A competent approach to the design of the office and its space can significantly help in working with staff. The interior of the office is rarely approached meaningfully, often referring to it as a room for work. And without using design as a means of attracting, motivating,…


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Team building activities your team will actually love

To keep your organisation operating on a high level, you need to retain those talents. However, if you don’t pay attention to your employees, fluctuation will take its toll. Don’t lose your performers! Indulge them in the team building activities that will help strengthen the bond…


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Episode 9 is live - Risks with Recruitment

[Approx. 3.5 minute viewing time]

Candidate attraction and selection is critical to the success of any business, and SMEs are no different.

It’s often hard to just get your head around the entire recruitment process let alone seeing it all through. After all, who really has time to write a job description or capabilities statement for every role in the business? You’re (probably) not an expert copy writer, so how do you know if the ad you post online…


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Workplace investigations - recent learnings

Workplace investigations are almost always a difficult undertaking for Companies.


One aspect on which all managers, senior business leaders and HR usually agree, is the importance of getting the procedural aspects of the investigation right.   Getting it wrong will not only potentially increase the risk in terms of the Employer’s ability to defend any resulting disciplinary action that the Company believed was ‘fair, reasonable and just’, it also has the…


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The rooster and the sunrise: Court finds rescinded job offer was not age discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace is unlawful under a number of Australian laws, including state and federal anti-discrimination legislation (such as the Age Discrimination Act 2004 (Cth)) as well as the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act).

One of the attributes that is protected by such legislation is a person’s age – meaning that it is unlawful for a person, including an employer or prospective employer, to engage  in any action that would disadvantage…


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Does remote work promote diversity in the workplace?

Employment vacancies, contract and project work, freelancing gigs - when…


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Host with the most: Full Bench quashes order to reinstate labour hire employee to host employer

In the unfair dismissal jurisdiction, where it is found by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) that an employee has been unfairly dismissed, the primary remedy under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) is for the employee to be reinstated to the position they held immediately prior to their dismissal or another position on no less favourable terms. Reinstatement can be with or without an order to maintain continuity of employment and to restore lost…


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Celebrity Search: FWC upholds dismissal of an employee who repeatedly and deliberately accessed customer’s confidential information without authorisation

During the course of their employment, employees may have access to confidential information which belongs to their employer. This information may be in the form of personal information provided by customers and is therefore sensitive in nature.

While access to customer information may be required by an employee in order to carry out their duties, it is critical that employers have policies in place to protect customer information and ensure that it is not misused or improperly…


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