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Can you back it up? Dismissal unfair where allegations that an employee leaked information were unsupported and employee’s WHS reporting was justified

An employee who was summarily dismissed by her employer for allegedly leaking sensitive business information has been awarded 11 weeks’ compensation in the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

In this case, Bond v Wynbob Pty Ltd [2017] FWC 1337, the employee worked in a carpeting and flooring franchise that was facing a possible take-over by the franchisor.

The manager of the franchise believed that the franchisor’s actions toward claiming ownership over the…


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Big little lies: Dishonesty in the workplace and the potential ramifications

In order for any employment relationship to function, there needs to a level of mutual trust and confidence between employers and employees. It is often said that this goes to the very “heart” of the employment relationship. Indeed, employees need to trust that their employers will act honestly and not take advantage of them in the same way that employers need to trust that their employees will also act honestly and in the best interests of the business.

It is, unfortunately, not…


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Pulling up stumps: What the Australian cricket saga can teach us about leadership

Australian sports fans were shocked when three Australian cricketers were caught up in a ball tampering scandal, leading to the downfall of the Australian cricket captain and his deputy.

The public watched while the story unfolded with the Australian cricket captain initially stating that he and the “leadership group” had instructed another player to tamper with the ball. There was much discussion about how the culture of the Australian cricket team had gone sour and how the team had…


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When they’re not “the one”: How to prevent, manage and terminate underperforming employees

Staff underperformance, whether it is due to personal issues, workplace conflict, change fatigue or being actively disengaged, can have significant repercussions on your bottom line, culture and overall performance.

As an employer, it can be downright infuriating, not only because of the money wasted but also due to the time you need to invest and the risk you open yourself up to personally if it all goes wrong. How then do you prevent, manage and terminate…


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HR Postcard from Tokyo



Our latest HR postcard is from Andrew Dahms, Vice President, Human Resources at Hitachi Johnson Controls. Andrew is an experienced executive who has worked in country, region and global HR roles for IT, Financial Services, Telecommunications and multi-national conglomerates. Andrew has lived and worked in the United States, Japan, Singapore and Australia.
We are thankful to Andrew for generously donating the time to converse with us about his…

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Workplace Safety - When "IT" hits the Fan

Serious illness, injury or death in a workplace causes trauma, loss and legal exposure.  Immediate emergency responses, as awful as they can be, are just the beginning.

WHS / OHS regulators require organisations to preserve the scene of certain incidents for external investigation, which may lead to prosecutions.  Senior leaders must ensure legal compliance.

Workers involved may be sparing with facts, or may exercise a "right to silence",…


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Organisational culture and its impact on customer engagement and growth

I’ve been fortunate to work for a companies that have had very strong and positive cultures, and it’s not a coincidence that those companies are also known for great customer service.

Organisational culture is critical for a successful business and employee engagement is inextricably linked to customer service. It’s a virtuous circle. Ultimately, if you hire employees who have the right values and the right attitudes, that rubs off on customer service and customer…


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Leadership lessons from a small boat

This weekend, I’m off to Perth with my rowing crew, the Warriewood Crustys. We’ve already won Silver at the NSW State Championships. Now we venture west with our eyes on the main prize – Australian Gold! We’ve worked hard and improved out of site. We’ve also learned what it takes to perform at the highest level – lessons that translate to the world of business leadership. I…


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Are you violating a social contract? Do your meetings match what people expect?

Are you violating a social contract?  Do your meetings match what people expect? 

Have you ever attended a meeting that, for any reason, left you annoyed, angry, disappointed?

Unconsciously, each participant in your meetings has signed up to a ‘social contract’.  Evidence for this is most obvious when the ‘social contract’ is violated.

The reason this negative emotion arose for you is probably because something occurred that you thought was…


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Managing Relationships in the Workplace

Anyone who has been following the news recently will be aware that scandalous sexual relationships in the workplace have become something of a common theme. 

The stories of Seven West Chief Executive, Tim Worner and his former executive assistant (a relationship which ended in legal action), the forced resignations of senior AFL executives over their relationships with younger staff, and the…


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Steps To A Successful Workplace Investigation

At times, complaints or internal problems will arise in the workplace. Many HR, compliance and business professionals don’t receive targeted training on how to conduct a workplace investigation from start to finish.  Building a solid workplace investigation can prove valuable, as the information you may uncover can help build a case to protect your business’s reputation. Arkus Investigators created a slideshow offering tips for conducting a successful workplace investigation should a…


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How to Interpret Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

If you’ve been following People Leaders a while, you’ll know we’re all about optimising your team’s performance and effectiveness. We like to explore ways in which we can help you, and we love hearing what leading-edge thinkers have to say. This week (and on the podcast), we’re looking at the work of organisational health expert Patrick Lencioni and…


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Was blind but now I see: General Manager wilfully blind to contraventions

In the decisions of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Fair Work Ombudsman v Raying Holding Pty Ltd & Anor (No.2) [2017] FCCA 2148 and Fair Work Ombudsman v Raying Holding Pty Ltd & Anor (No.3) [2018] FCCA 668, the General Manager of a labour hire business was fined $43,000 for his involvement in contraventions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act).

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) initiated proceedings in…


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Coughs and sneezes spread diseases – managing sick leave during the cold and flu season

It’s that time again – cold and flu season. In this blog, we explore some key issues around managing sick leave during this tricky time of the year.

Sick leave

Sick leave as a paid entitlement has not always existed in Australia. It was in 1922 that the first paid sick leave entitlement appeared in an industrial instrument known as the Engineers Award, which stated that “No employee shall be entitled to payment for non-attendance on the ground of…


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PIPped at the post: Dismissed employee’s illnesses not enough to defer performance management processes

Managing underperformance and engaging in performance management processes can be difficult and stressful for both employees and their managers.

It is not uncommon for employees who are required to participate in a performance management process to raise concerns about the impacts of the process on their health (often relating to anxiety or stress). When these issues are raised, employers find themselves in a difficult position – how to press on with managing underperformance without…


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Amazing Ways To Deal With Change

Recently I was asked to facilitate a workshop for a client regarding ‘Managing Change’. Rather than focus on a well known ‘model for change management’ (like a template for planning change using a project management approach) I decided to introduce the participants to the various ways staff in the organisation view change, why they might view and react to change differently and how to plan for this in order to minimise triggering threat reactions in…


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Want to bring joy to the workplace?

Want to bring joy to the workplace?  Want to improve the level of employee engagement and retention?  Want to improve the quality of workplace communication? 

What would be the benefits to your organisation if employee turnover could be reduced?

What would be the benefits if every employee was creatively focussed on the shared purpose?

What would be the benefits to morale if organisational communication was…


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How to Implement and Promote Workplace Policies

A suite of robust policies and procedures is an essential element of good governance in any organisation. Often employers discover that their policies and procedures are inadequate, only once their actions are reviewed by a tribunal or court. 

Adequate workplace policies are key mechanisms for outlining exactly what the standards of conduct are in your organisation. Workplace policies should clearly and succinctly explain…


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HR acronyms: A business owner's guide to HR TLAs

Do you know your FTEs from your PTEs? Having trouble figuring out the FWC and FWO? If you’re thinking WTH? you’re not alone. The world of human resources is a veritable smorgasbord of HR acronyms and abbreviations that you don’t come across in normal life.

Yet, many of these HR terms and acronyms are important if you employ people. For example, FTEs and PTEs are just shorthand code for your full-time and part-time employees.…


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