April 2021 Blog Posts (11)

5 Quick Website Changes To Attract More Customers

Is your goal improving your website's marketability? Many Australian businesses struggle with being relevant among the fierce online competition, especially if they're just starting out. While digital marketing strategies are…


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Coughs and sneezes spread diseases: Managing sick leave during the cold and flu season

It’s that time again – cold and flu season. In this blog, we explore some key issues around managing sick leave during this tricky time of the year and particularly in this current COVID-19 climate.

Sick leave

Sick leave as a paid entitlement has not always existed in Australia. It was in 1922 that the first paid sick leave entitlement appeared in an industrial instrument known as the Engineers Award, which stated that “No employee…


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A change in casual employment post-COVID-19: 3 major changes all employers need to know

Casual Employment has been a flexible and commercial way to utilise a workforce in particular in industries where there is project work or there are natural ebbs and flows. The recent WorkPac cases of …


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Does serious misconduct still require a reasonable opportunity to respond before termination of employment? 2 prime ways to mitigate risk and liability

A question asked many times by clients is when a scenario involving serious misconduct is put to us – can we now terminate their (the employee’s) employment?  Our response (with some adjustment) is usually – “of course you can – you are the Employer, however the key question really is – what would happen if you had to explain your actions to a Judge…


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Managing employee relations in a remote working environment

Even though lockdown conditions are beginning to ease, it’s clear that many organisations won’t be returning to ‘business as usual’ any time soon and will be continuing with some aspects of remote work. There are many upsides to this but one area that organisations need to focus on is employee relations, and ensuring that they continue to meet their obligation to provide a safe workplace.

I discussed this with Martin Reid, Managing Principal, Workplace Relations at…


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Sexual harassment changes coming in the workplace – 4 changes indicated by the Respect@Work report

Scott Morrison and the Federal Government have announced a clear initiative to (in principle) accept a significant amount of the 55 recommendations around sexual harassment. There are some overarching themes with the changes and what has been pushed is a more clear path and more distinctive grounds for employees to file sexual harassment complaints,…


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Redundancy: 3 pitfalls for HR to avoid a (almost) $300K claim – the story of pizza, beer and Toyota

The District Court of NSW has made a decision on a case involving a termination of employment mere days before a significant redundancy payment was owed to a long standing employee (20 years). Ultimately the Court found in favour of the employee awarding almost $300,000.00 in damages.

The case of…


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Women in the workplace: Improve your diversity, improve your business results

Would you consider yourself a responsible CEO, Executive or Board Member? Then you will be across this latest piece of research AND you won’t ignore it.

Research[1] carried out by the federal Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) based on a six year study of Australian companies found that increasing the number of women in key leadership roles by as little as 10% increased an ASX200 company’s  market value by an average of $105 million. Appointing a female CEO is…


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Upward bullying: The rise of the remote working “bully” - 5 tips all employers need to know

The pandemic has led to a number of changes in the workplace – words such as workplace flexibility, working from home, remote working, Zoom, Teams, virtual meeting are now common lexicon of the modern workplace.  A number of…


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