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Are you winning or losing?

Do you ever feel people aren’t listening to you – especially when you know you are right?  Well consider this; when you decide you are right the other person must be wrong, which means you are probably not listening to them!  It’s interesting to see that whenever a contentious issue is being discussed, people seem to put more effort into being ‘right’ than finding a solution that will benefit the business.  In their determination to be heard and to score points they don’t listen to one…


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BYOD Benefits outweigh Potential Pitfalls

Bring your own device to work is becoming the norm. Whether employees are just using personal devices to read work emails when on the go, or using personal computers for presentation purposes, BYOD adds a level of convenience most employees really value.

With Gartner predicting that “by 2017 half of all employers will require employees to supply their own devices for work purposes”[i], HR managers…


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Making Diversity and Inclusion Real in the Australian Workplace

We have all heard the cases for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Dr. Gloria Moss, Reader in Human Resources at Buckinghamshire New University in the UK, has done research that shows overwhelming evidence that both men and women prefer designs created by people of their own gender. 

With women…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

This week, a client…


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Is Multitasking your Default? Why Single Tasking is Crucial to Sustainable High Performance

Multitasking is great, and there’s every reason for you to encourage your employees to multitask, right? Wrong! Multitasking is, in fact, turning into one of the worst habits of most people, and this is backed up by several studies.…


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How Leaders Can Compromise Trust and Credibility

It’s often a lonely place when leading. Although some leaders might find it easy, for others, making decisions can be a tough and lonely place filled with doubt and uncertainty. Whichever camp a leader stands in, there is one guarantee, the team will be making decisions about the credibility of the leader and whether they can trust them, by the decisions they make, how any changes are implemented and how they are communicated. In the following article I describe 3 ways a leader can create a…


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Is it time for you to hit the holiday button?

Winter can be a hard time to get motivated.  Trying to get out of bed on those cold (think 2 degrees or lower!), dark, and often rainy mornings can be tough.  Especially when you get to work and have to deal with a number of stressful situations, unachievable deadlines, and difficult clients/customers/coworkers.  It can all be a bit too much!  Luckily for me, I took…


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10 Ways For HR Teams To Build A Talent Pipeline On LinkedIn

This post was originally published on the RecruitLoop Blog.


Corporate recruiters without a talent pipeline are like groundskeepers irrigating a sporting field with a watering can. They simply ‘spray and pray’.

The explosion of social media platforms,…


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