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Invest in workplace health and wellbeing programs to improve your bottom line

Reduce employee risk of depression and anxiety by 25 per cent with physical health program

With Mental Health Awareness Month in October, Sally Kirkright, CEO, AccessEAP is calling on business owners and managers to introduce structured health and wellbeing programs into the workplace to reap the business benefits.

Mental health costs Australian employers $10.9 billion a year and absenteeism due to mental…


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Boost Your Productivity: 3 Powerful Thoughts For Scheduling Your Schedule

Infinite distractions, pressing deadlines, the sheer volume of work on your desk!!... I believe this is a challenge many individuals face and I want to share with you 3 crucial thoughts that will encourage you to go to another level of excellence in your life, not just at work but in how you feel after you leave the office…


1. Create Time Margins

If everything gets invested into only one aspect of our lives we don't have the time, energy or…


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The Four Strategies to Influence


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Using technology to train and induct new employees

Induction is a very important process in the employee engagement cycle. It can either provide the foundations for rapid growth and performance or lead to disappointment, confusion and disconnect.

The preparation and implementation of the induction phase can be very time-consuming for both the HR professional and operational manager who will directly engage with the new employee. If the right approach isn’t used, the information provided to this worker can also be out-of-date,…


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FWC warns against “SCATTERGUN” approach by HR Personnel

Mr Francesco Gaglioti v Pilbara Mining Alliance Pty Ltd [2014] FWC 6439

On 17 September 2014, Commissioner Cloghan upheld the Employer, Pilbara Mining Alliance Pty Ltd’s decision, to terminate its Employee, Mr Francesco Gaglioti, after he failed to follow a lawful direction to inspect and replace, if necessary, an isolator on a dump truck.

The Employer in dismissing the Employee, stated in its letter of termination that the Employee’s conduct was in breach of…


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Overcome The ‘Impostor’ Syndrome

Do you ever have those moments where you feel completely out of your league, like you’re trying to perform in a shoe size that’s much too big for you? Or maybe it’s just the daily pressure of thinking that your best is never good enough!

All of us, not just an unfortunate 1 or 2 individuals, experience this tension between responsibility and pressure. It’s like the higher we climb the greater risk there is of falling. With great responsibility comes great internal doubt.…


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Your Front Line Managers – Are You Neglecting a Critical Asset?

In May 2014, Harvard Business Review Analytics published the surprising results of a global survey of its readers. The survey sought to discover the importance of front line managers and the extent to which they were prepared to fill their roles. The results were astounding not because most respondents indicated that front line managers were critical to the success of…


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Are your workplace practices up to scratch?

With continually developing workplace laws and increasing penalties for non-compliance, it is becoming more important to stop and consider whether your workplace practices are up to scratch.

Conducting an audit of your workplace practices can give you peace of mind that your organisation is compliant and/or on the flip side,…


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Six focus areas for your frontline leader development strategies

When it comes to developing leaders you probably have limited resources to work with. Unless you are lucky enough to have a bottomless bucket of money you will need to achieve success in the most cost effective and timely manner possible. The last thing you want to do is put in a lot of effort and have nothing to show for it. That is why you need to focus your attention on the development areas that will give you the greatest return for your investment.…


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What hiring managers really think of HR

HR professionals and in-house recruitment specialists spend a lot of time with hiring managers when recruiting for new roles, but what do those managers really think of their peers in recruitment?

Through my job writing for recruitment news publication Shortlist, I recently got to hear talent expert and futurist Kevin Wheeler share the feedback he receives from hiring managers – and it's not good news for in-house…


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Christmas Shutdown ... Time to get yourself in order

Are you planning to shut down over the Christmas and/or New Year’s period?

Some employment contracts, enterprise agreements and/or Modern Awards allow an employer to require an employee to take annual leave during a shut down over the Christmas and New Year period.

If you intend to shut down over the Christmas and New Year period, now is the time to start thinking about what length of notice is required to be given in order to ensure you…


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Unmasking the 'Masters of Disguise"

The subject of mental health has been very prominent over the past few months following the suicides of high profile individuals such as Charlotte Dawson, the beloved actor Robin Williams and, most recently, the husband of local radio personality Robin Bailey. When hearing about such tragic endings and how they affect even high profile celebrities who seem to have it all, it brings into perspective just how widespread and insidious mental health issues such as…


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Data Analytics for HR - The Big Unknown

TQSolutions reviews what may be holding organisations back from full-scale data analysis; and so from top performance and optimal organisational value.

Talent is THE differentiator of corporate performance and organisational value. At TQSolutions we refer to the existence of the ‘Talent Value Multiplier’, or the cumulative impact of making the right investments or interventions relating to talent; an impact that steadily builds performance and organisational value.…


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How To Hold An Effective Meeting

Today we bring together the final piece of our goal setting series:

Evaluate- How are we going in our commitment to our top priorities?

If you missed the other 3 parts to this series:

Click Here for PT. 1

Click Here for PT. II

Or Click …


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When is it fair to sack lying, swearing and threatening workers?

What can we learn from three dismissal cases, involving an employee who lied about working for a competitor while certified unfit for work, another who verbally abused his manager, and a third who threatened to shoot his supervisor?

These recent Fair Work Commission decisions highlight the types of misconduct that can warrant the termination of a worker's employment.

OHS Alert, the workplace safety news service I write…


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Choosing the next crop of leaders

Are you ready for 2020?

That’s the date the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK has declared as the deadline for filling the leadership void that will be left by the last of the retiring Baby Boomers. The truth is most organisations are nowhere near ready and many are simply ignoring the issue, somehow hoping it will fix itself. The good news is, its not too late. You do have time if you start now.

Choosing the right people to nurture as your next crop of…


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4 Steps To Increase Learning And Growth

The rapidly increasing complexities of modern business mean that if we are not effective at learning we will flounder and our team or our business may fail.  Some of the biggest brands have disappeared from our high streets because too many of their leaders and managers had the wrong mindset.  Is your mindset helping or hindering your performance or the performance of your business?

Dr. Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, is one of the world’s leading…


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Richard Branson’s Biggest Single Piece of Advice for Business Leaders

Richard Branson Interview with the e.MILE People Development Magazine

We are concluding our 6 months series in response to the Centre for Creative Leadership’s (CCL) research carried out in 2013, which resulted in their report entitled “The Challenge Leaders Face around the World” wherein they identified 6 of the biggest…


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Negative mindsets inhibit the growth of frontline leaders

Senior leaders need to ensure they have the right mindset towards their frontline leaders or they will waste a lot of time, money and effort in developing them. I encounter too many mid level and senior leaders who believe their job would be much easier if they didn’t have to deal with frontline leaders. The truth is they are simply being confronted with their own shortcomings, by their failure to be effective role models or provide their frontline leaders with the right development programs…


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Ramping up your talent acquisition program in 2014

By Peter Earnshaw, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, SilkRoad

The talent market in Australia has become increasingly competitive in recent years, and today companies throughout the country are struggling to attract employees at all levels of the organisation. Now more than ever, it is essential that HR develop a robust talent acquisition strategy in order to help achieve business objectives, build their bottom line and deliver sustainable growth.…


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