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Australian Businesses Need Better Onboarding Practices

Businesses in Australia have an onboarding problem. A survey of 460 hiring managers by Robert Half found that over 60 percent have had new hires resign during their probationary period. Worse, nearly half indicated that they’d lost new employees specifically because of inadequate onboarding practices. This…


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Procurement and Corruption - The Warning Signs

Effective procurement requires the ability to foster productive relationships and to secure the best possible terms within a contract or project. However, there can be a fine line between savvy negotiation and a gradual descent into corrupt and/or fraudulent behaviour. 

Despite robust legal and policy requirements relating to procurement activity, fraud is nevertheless an ever-present problem within the supply chain…


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Helping your employees to future proof their careers

The 2018 “Future of jobs” report by the World Economic Forum listed the top 10 careers that will be in decline by 2022 as a result of the increase in robot technology. How many of your employees are at risk? 

  1. Data entry clerks
  2. Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerks
  3. Administrative and executive secretaries
  4. Assembly and…

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The SME owner's guide to getting HR strategy right

Many small business owners don’t have a lot of time to devote to implementing a bespoke HR strategy. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get it right.

Running and growing any business takes serious time and effort. And very often so much of that time and effort is spent keeping customers or clients happy that you have very little chance to get around to anything else, especially your HR.

But if you leave your human resource strategy to chance, you shortchange yourself and your…


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Public versus private cloud

More and more businesses are moving away from on-premise servers and infrastructure, and instead adopting a total cloud IT environment.

And like many businesses, you’re probably thinking about how your business could be further leveraging the cloud to increase efficiency and reduce running costs.

Having your entire IT environment in the cloud reduces the need to host, update, maintain or backup IT environments, so you no longer have to invest in on-premise servers, expensive…


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3 Ways to be More Socially Responsible in Business

A company with a big heart and good citizenry shows its customers that it is a company that cares, that is not just there for the profit. This in turn breeds trust and loyalty in customers. A successful company will have in place socially responsible and transparent values for each of their stakeholders including employees, customers and investors. 

Social responsibility is the suggestion that we, as either individuals or in business, have an obligation to act for the benefit of…


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Employee wellbeing: a responsibility and a strategy

No matter the size of a business or its revenue, its greatest asset and most valuable resource is the people. How we take care of ourselves is a 24/7 consideration – and that extends to our time spent in the office. Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2018 survey found that human resources and business leaders around the world overwhelmingly see employee wellbeing…


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Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace For All

Developing a positive working environment where all employees are supported is key to looking after the mental wellbeing of your staff, and freeing them up to be their most productive selves. 

A safe and healthy workplace is one which is inclusive and caters for the needs of all workers. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), a two-fold approach where the development of long-term…


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Start-up to Global Domination - An HR Guide to Getting it Right

In the early stages of a business, most owners and managers focus on growth – almost to the exclusion of everything else. But by spending a little time on your human resources (HR) upfront, and then re-examining where you’re at along the way, you can save a lot of headaches and create a more dynamic, successful and profitable business.

There are many examples of startups where neglect for human resources, led to serious issues down the track. Some of the more high profile ones include…


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The 3 HR lessons from the Banking Royal Commission

The Royal Commission into Financial Services has been sending shockwaves through Australia’s banking and finance sector. But it’s not just bankers who can learn some valuable lessons from the stories that have been emerging. Some of the key takeaways are just as relevant for human resources (HR) and business owners and managers too.

How the Royal Commission affects…


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How to Avoid Christmas Party HR Headaches!

A kiss, a punch up, a groping, and a black eye: a good night out, or a post-Christmas party human resources nightmare?

For the HR professional, there is nothing worse than commencing the performance and disciplinary management of staff at the festive season.

Top tips to avoid a Christmas party headache

  • Don’t expect the worst, but…

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How To Wheel Your Way To Success

We’ve been using the success wheel for many years, and every time we use it with a leadership client or team we get great feedback and they get great results. The beauty of this activity is that it’s ridiculously simple and yet super effective. In this post we’re going to share why and how we use the success wheel – and why it brings such successful results.…


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Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace

What can employers do to support and effectively manage employees who may be struggling with their mental health?

With an estimated one in five Australian adults suffering from a mental illness in any given year, this is becoming an…


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A World-Class Welcome: How to Make All New Employees Feel Welcome in 3 Easy Steps

New employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social, cultural and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. It is the process through which new hires learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviours required to function effectively within an organisation.

The first day on the new job can be nerve racking, a…


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When To Raise Your Voice

Why does someone raise their voice at other person/s in the workplace?

Some staff will raise their voice in the workplace to express or release frustration or anger. The release of wrath onto another person/s would be a breach of the organisation’s Code of Conduct and should not be tolerated or condoned.

There is a time to raise your voice in the workplace….only when the distance between the speaker and the receiver or the volume of background noise is such that one or more…


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Creating Safety Culture in ‘National Safe Work Month’

We are almost half way through the National Safe Work Month, a national initiative to highlight the importance of work health & safety and workers compensation. I am confident that most interactive businesses have already taken advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe and positive work environment. If you haven’t already done something within your business, it might now be an appropriate time to host a workplace health and safety event, providing…


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FWC Findings And The Importance Of The Investigation

Minimising the risk of an unfair dismissal claim arising out of termination for serious misconduct.

If a poorly conducted investigation leads to dismissal, the business could find itself in front of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) with an unfair dismissal claim to argue.

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) will uphold an unfair dismissal claim (that meets jurisdictional qualifications) if the employment termination has been harsh, unjust or unreasonable.  A lack of natural justice,…


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Mental Health in the Workplace: Can your organisation afford not to invest?

On 10 October, individuals and organisations across the globe will recognise World Mental Health Day. Pleasingly, this day is one of many initiatives that are focusing on challenging perceptions about mental illness. Due in large part to this awareness, we are seeing increased recognition of the need to protect, promote and support mental health, not only in our personal lives, but also in the workplace.

Supporting mental health is not only a goal of critical importance in the…


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To Disclose or Not to Disclose

For many employees, one of the most difficult aspects of navigating the modern workplace is deciding whether to disclose a mental health issue.

Not every employee is required to be open about their condition, and there is often a fear of the potential consequences for their career if they are. 

We take a look at when an employee is obligated to disclose, what employers must do,…


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The future role of Human Resources in career planning

A recent report by Monitor Deloitte on the Future of Human Resources paints an interesting picture for the future role of the profession:

“The days of Human Resources as we know it at present may be numbered … shifts in the role and importance of unions in the business world, employee preferences regarding…


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