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The Key Ingredient Of Great Leaders and Managers

With nearly 30 years of experience in leadership and management in many different roles, ranging from operational management to developing national people strategies. I have undertaken various learning and development roles, and latterly 10 years as an HR professional, I have only come across a handful of great leaders and managers in my working career.

The ingredient these people shared was, they were intrinsically drawn to “doing the right thing”. The “right thing” for these leaders…


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A Crisis in Thinking?

How are you dealing with the crisis in thinking?

The relentless pressure to do more in less time is creating a crisis in thinking.  Are we depriving ourselves of the very thing that will help us truly resolve the problems that beset any business?   By endlessly fighting symptoms rather than getting to root causes, we are in danger of becoming overwhelmed by urgency and neglecting what is really important.  How are you addressing this critical…


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Workplace bullying - one strike and you're out?

Consider the following:

- A manager withholds information from an employee that they need in order to do their job;

- An employee constantly tells a colleague to ‘shut the f--- up’;

- A team leader hides an employee’s work phone, and then they along with everyone in the team laugh as the staff member spends all morning looking for it;

- A manager assigns one of their sales reps impossible sales targets, then gives them a written warning when they don’t reach them.…


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