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A look across the Tasman – who’s doing it better?

As a Kiwi, it is painful for me to acknowledge Australia is doing anything better than New Zealand. But working across both countries I can see there are recruitment hits and misses happening on both sides of the Tasman divide. The good news is, it’s no "pavlova" or "flat white" controversy, but instead, insight that can help get good people more effectively on board.

What is Australia doing well?

From what I’ve seen, the Aussies are better adopters of technology and…


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The 4 critical shifts for success in the 21st Century

These days most leaders struggle to find time to focus; time to think things through.  The background noise of news outlets combined with the relentless production of social media is creating a chronic sense of [ ‘Read more . . .‘] overwhelm and then there is the daily tsunami of email. 

Leadership is all about making decisions and wise decision-making…


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Workplace Inductions

One of the easiest ways to ensure a safe workplace is through a workplace induction. An induction takes a new employee or contractor through all the most important elements of your workplace. Here are five essential things all new employees should know:

  1. Building/site tour and introduction to colleagues. It is important that your new employee knows…

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How 3-week catch ups reduced our turnover

Upon discovering that our turnover was beginning to increase in the early stages of a new employees lifecycle (within the first 3 months), we began to look at the reasons why this was occurring. With only the data from their exit survey to go by, we realised we needed to gather more data, and sooner to prevent staff from leaving before they even had a chance to settle in.

Looking at this issue from a communication point of view, we knew we needed to stay in touch…


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Pick and pay: FWO crackdown on piecework rates

This month the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) launched unprecedented legal action in the Federal Court against a large mushroom farm that paid hundreds of its employees based on how much they picked at a rate of 60 to 80 cents per kilogram.  It is alleged that the employees had been exploited and underpaid almost $650,000 in eight months.



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We’ve hit the jackpot! - Workplace lotto syndicates and bullying

Recently it was reported that a Sydney factory employee applied to the NSW Supreme Court in an attempt to claim a share of the $40 million jackpot, won by 14 employees of a cable manufacturer in Liverpool. 

When the employee realised that the winning numbers had come up, the employee approached the syndicate organiser who advised him that he was not…


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Mindfulness in the workplace

The words busy, dynamic and stress are so rampant in our vocabulary that we forget to stop and focus on the core elements that contribute to each day.

What if there was a way to choose how we describe our perspective simply by using other words or a different thought process? How would that assist us in making the most of our potential skills and talents without exhausting ourselves? Here’s where we could consider practising mindfulness.

What is…


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What are Some of the Common Causes of Workplace Fraud?


When it comes to workplace fraud, it can be tempting to boil down the cause into simplistic statements, such as saying the fraudster was just “greedy and dishonest.”

But of course things are generally not quite that simple, and just as plane crashes usually require at least two…


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