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How To Identify People For Leadership Positions

This is a question that comes up in various polls, groups and expert Q&A’s on social media boards repeatedly and often. You would think since the Industrial Revolution we would have evolved and managed to understand this fully, and in practice, yet still we have not come so far.

Is it that leaders themselves are ignoring the guide lines and research? Now more than ever, there is a plethora of free information out on the internet to answer this question.

So here we go again…


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Women in leadership – can we “have it all”?

I recently met an incredibly motivated and driven female leader.  She is dedicated, loves the company she works for, thrives on feedback to improve and wants to achieve top performance status every year at her annual review.  In discussing her career and future plans – she stopped mid sentence and admitted that having a baby was on…


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7 Must Knows Of Hiring Generation 'Me' (aka Gen Y)

Let’s face it, many of us have heard the stories with disbelief and some times mortification of an outrageous demand or spoiled-brat attitude of a Generation Y encounter in the workplace. Baby boomers and Generation X’ers mutter ‘It never would have happened in ‘my day’ or chuff quietly to themselves at the ‘cute’, but gullibly over-ambitious statement by a younger Gen Y that they intend to be Vice President of Marketing, next year, with only 2 years experience out…


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Mistake Recovery Guide: What To Do When You Stuff Up Big Time...

Mistake Recovery Guide: What To Do When You Stuff Up Big Time..

So you are at that moment of realization that you have just made a mistake.  It’s not just a small indiscretion, but it is an orbital heart-stopper. Your blood runs cold and amazingly you break out in sweat at the same time. You visualize your bosses eye’s popping out of their head with fury.

We have all at one time or another in our career made a…


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