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How to Spot an Original Thinker

Original thinkers who drive innovation, adaptability and problem solving are highly valuable and sought-after, so if organisations were able to identify and encourage original thinkers they would have a huge advantage in the marketplace.


Can you spot an original thinker? Dr. Mark Batey, of Manchester University’s Manchester Business School, believes you can.


In a recently produced MBS…


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Countering the counter offer - do they really work?

Ok, here at EnigmaHR we want to tell it like it is.


Can throwing a bucket full of money at a departing employee really keep them?  Intuitively we don’t think so. Our experience tells us the same thing. It takes a lot to leave a company, even if it’s one you dislike.


If an employee is genuine about moving on, and not just on a fishing expedition for more cash, a counter offer may well come too late. If you’re a manager and they are in your office with a letter,…


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Ric Willmot’s Friday Redux No.6: Ric’s Ticks for successful business

We talk of ‘leadership’ but seldom know what we mean since we don’t specify a process. Here is one process I’ve created for leaders to maintain focus called Ric’s Ticks:

  • Research your capabilities compared to market needs.
  • Invest in development of your business and your people.
  • Cultivate learning systems in your organisation.
  • Strategy…

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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

Hallelujah!  More…


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Ric Willmot's 7 Steps to 360 Degree Feedback Success

Feedback evaluations are nearly always done poorly because most are implemented by people who just buy an off-the-shelf product thinking that one size fits all.


You don’t begin with questions. You begin with what information you’re seeking to learn and validate. Then you back into the questions. The information that you seek has to be tangible and verifiable for it to be worthwhile…


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Performance Management isn't just about disciplining staff.....

All too often, both employers and employees, think that Performance Management is a disciplinary tool by which to rule over all. Well it isn’t. Yes in some instances Performance Management can, and must, be used to correct inappropriate behavior, or under-performance, but generally it should be seen and used as a way to energize employees, improve productivity, and improve the culture of the workplace.

Now exactly what is Performance Management? Simply put it is an…


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I hate social media

Why Australian Resource Sector employers don’t use social media as a recruitment tool......yet


Let me start by making a retraction.


I don’t hate social media.  I hate the term ‘social media’ particularly when it is used in the context of recruitment in the Australian resource sector.


The word ‘social’ in the Australian vernacular immediately conjures thoughts of “let’s have a beer” or “what are you doing on the weekend?” …


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Ric Willmot's Weekly Wisdom No.81: Strong leaders have strong people


The current turmoil in Australian federal politics is a lesson for us in corporate and institutional arenas. In my…


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Recruiters - are you confusing your poor applicants?

The advertisement below for a Customer Service Leader crossed my desk the other day. I felt compelled to comment on it. I’ve deleted identifying details to protect myself from the advertiser coming after me with a red hot poker after reading what I’ve written.


Stay with me and take a long hard look at the advertisement.


Customer Service Leader


Manage a customer service team in the provision of whole of business customer…


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Engaging Gen Y (and Z)

Generation Y currently comprises 21% of Australia’s workforce and this number will continue to grow. In 2020, Gen Z and Gen Y together will make up almost 50% of the workforce, so it’s not too soon for employers to get to know this group and understand what motivates them. 

Currently, more than one in four workers change jobs in any given year, and studies show that those aged 20-24 are three times more likely to change jobs in a year than those aged 45-54.  To maintain staff…


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What use is an empty cup? Filling up on innovation

Part of emptying my cup over the past few weeks involved travelling to Port Douglas for a dual purpose – to enjoy a couple of R&R days for myself and to also attend the RCSA(Recruitment…


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The Values We Bring To Work: A Shoemaker's Tale

Caption: The author's grandfather at work in his shoe repair shop, circa 1986.


A chance encounter with a friendly shoemaker in…


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Psychopaths at Work

For all our recruitment tests and practices in HR, the problem of psychopaths in the workplace remains a problem that’s hard to solve.

Everyone has worked with a psychopath. I’m a lay-person, so I use the term in it’s popular sense, but I’m on their case because they're so disruptive. Sometimes they are the obvious bullies in the office,…


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Excuse me, your bias is showing!

Continuing the riff on the theme of unconscious bias, here's an article from my blog archive (Feb 2010) that's relevant.


Do you think you’re good at judging people?  You are, but probably not in the way you think…

We all live complicated lives and nature has given us neurological shortcuts so we don’t have to relearn everything as we go.  For example, when we encounter a…


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Moving from conscious discrimination to unconscious bias

So every week or so, I plonk the baby in the car and head to my Mum’s to have a coffee and talk about life, love and the universe.  These chats are not usually very long – but always illuminating.  This week Mum read a copy of Inside Cover that quoted from a certain Mr A Taysom whose minute paper had some interesting thoughts (read here).

I was laughing as I listened – half of me thinking…


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What can The Who’s Pete Townshend teach us about Leadership?

Lately, and nostalgically, I have been revisiting some of the music of my youth. The Who has made something of a popular comeback of late with many of their tracks being used as theme music in US TV shows such as House, NCIS and Two and a Half Men. But before those famous songs, came The Who’s seminal rock opera…


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Gaining & Retaining

Gaining top talent is not just a matter of building consistent brand images that are reflective of the working reality within the organisation. Successfully attracting and employing top talent is highly correlated to the candidates experiences within the first 90 days after their commencement. It is during this time that the candidate evaluates the consistency of the espoused culture and culture in action. This evaluation is based upon many aspects of the working reality including, welcome…


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Why you should blog more (or start!)

The rate of blogging on the HR Daily Community has slowed a little this week, so I thought I'd share some stats that might inspire you to get writing!

In the six weeks since our launch, the Community has had nearly 10,000 visits, and 18,000 page views, 15,000 of which were individual blog posts.…


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More Cheating on Psych Tests

There has been an interesting discussion lately on a Psychometrics Linked In Group. The discussion was begun by Prue Laurence, Director at Psylutions, a workplace psychology consultancy in Melbourne where they are currently conducting a survey about cheating in workplace psychometric tests and people’s attitudes to psych testing.

Cheating on psych tests is a subject that…


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There are many ways to grow

When most people think of a garden, they picture a flat piece of ground with plants growing on it. Sure, this is the traditional way of thinking but there are many other options available . . . growing plants on lattice or against a wall (called “espalier”) are two established methods. However, there is a new method that is growing in popularity . . . the vertical garden. It’s ideal for people with small spaces or those who want to maximise every growing surface. Plants are hung almost like…


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