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Mental Health at Work

Work-life Balance

It’s a message that we’re continually hearing companies sing on about as part of their employer branding, which makes sense as research does…


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The Question I Wasn’t Expecting: Technology and Company Culture

Sitting on the panel at a recent Hubspot event, I was posed a question that made me stop and think.

“How will…


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The Hiring Bias No One Talks About

Non-For-Profit Organisations are organisations that are operating for their purposes, and not for the profit or gain of individual members. They are usually either Charities, or bodies that are providing services to the community. Examples…


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Can Tech Make us Better Humans?

We were delighted to be invited to this year’s CEBIT Australia - the three-day conference that brings together tech and business with legendary keynote speakers, cutting edge exhibitors and thousands of industry insiders. We spoke on a panel moderated by Susie Bayes at The Guardian about how Tech can Make us Better Humans. …


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How to build a personal leadership panel

Studies show that there is still a severe lack of women in senior roles in Australia. There is a huge gender pay gap, and we still see discrimination in the workplace. But how can individual women cut through these infuriating statistics and break into the C-suite? We wrote up an inspiring talk by the Head of Video at Twitter, Lottie Laws on how she managed it. 

Wife. Mother. Ex-Premier League Basketballer, regional Volleyballer and…


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4 Techniques to Beat Decision Fatigue

We are subject to certain biases and limiting factors when making decisions. When the average person is reported to make up to 226.7 choices per day on food alone, it is unsurprising #DecisionFatigue is becoming a greater problem which is limiting our ability to make decisions on the whole. Here, Weploy COO Ben reveals his top techniques to ensure he is optimising his decision making ability.

When I…


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The Truth of the Gig Economy

What is the “Gig Economy” anyway? 

Defined as a “Labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs” - Gig work is not a new concept. The hype around the Gig Economy, however, has risen in Australia of late, largely down to the widespread adoption of digital platforms like Uber, Deliveroo, and Airtasker. Whilst short term “gigs” and freelance jobs have been…


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The #Gigster Series - Employee Gigster Types

Experienced career trainer, author, Independent LinkedIn Specialist and of course, professional Gigster - Sue Ellson has a background in career development, human resources and online publishing. #Gigsters is her fourth book and provides a user friendly guide to navigating the new world of work and the kind of life choices we have like never before. Here she gives us an insiders guide to…

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How to Make Better Decisions

When I think about the best leaders I've worked with there has always been one element that stands true. I trust and respect their decision making. I don't have to want to be their best friend, but I have to believe in the decisions they make.

I'm faced with a multitude of decisions every day and my biggest priority, both professionally and personally, is to constantly improve how I make decisions. So I thought I'd share the four most important principles I've…


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Challenging Assumptions - A Practical Guide to Innovation

I want to talk a little bit about Marvin Pipkin and what he can show us about challenging assumptions. When the United States Army Scientist returned to civilian life and joined General Electric in the 1920’s - he was set the “impossible” task of creating a lightbulb that was frosted on the inside. But Marvin, not understanding this was a joke for new recruits, set about as if it were possible, and in 1925, the new internally frosted light bulb was completed.

Creating and using…


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Secrets of a Growth Hacker

Growth hacker, startup Unicorn, serial entrepreneur, nature lover and part merman Eddie Dostine has had tenures in the early stages of Uber, Deliveroo and Airtasker. Here he tells us a little about his career path and reveals a few important learnings from growing businesses.

My first work experience was at the early stages of Uber Australia, where I interned whilst completing my masters at Sydney…


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Temporary to Permanent Staff Conversion: An Employer Guide

It’s a problem we’re finding ourselves faced with more and more frequently. One of our Weployers hires a Weployee through the platform for a few hours, a couple of weeks or months, and like Kate Winslet to a slowly, tragically dying Leonardo di Caprio hanging onto a fragment of the majestic Titanic vessel in the North Atlantic Ocean - they just can’t let go. Our pool of Weployees are so…


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What the Foodora Case Means for Contractors Vs Employees

The three workers were allegedly asked to sign a contract entitled “Independent Contractor Agreement” when they started work, implying they were contractors - filling in their ABN number and…


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What is Work-Life Balance?

New research by US Compensation, Culture and Career Monitoring site shows some pretty dire results when it comes to employee satisfaction. An anonymous survey was conducted to discover the Best Companies for Work-Life Balance, and asked employees a series of questions including “Are you satisfied with your work-life balance”, “How long do you take for lunch breaks” and “On average, how many hours do you work per day”. The key findings state that:

  • 51% of…

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How a chicken dinner turned into $1m in funding

By Tony Wu

You read about it in the blogs, hear about it from a friend of a friend and see it in the news, but when push came to shove and we needed to raise some money for our start up, we had no idea what the “correct” way of doing it was. So for us, we decided to do what we knew best - Hustle.


Step 1: Identify a problem

It all started when our co-founders Nick and Vince were having dinner and that chat turned to the common…


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How to avoid burnout and retain your staff

By Vince Luong

A little while back when I was working for a large international mining company, a small team and I were sent to open the Australian branch. We were getting really good…


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Role Atomisation - what is it and why should I be doing it?

By Hugo Robinson

You open your packet of chips and the salty aroma hits your nose. Saliva starts to build for that first delicious bite. You reach into the packet, and reach.. and reach...

Finally, after wading through half a bag of air, your hand strikes gold in the form of crispy, potato goodness. But every time this happens you feel ripped off, right?

With that in mind..Why are you still hiring permanent staff with expertise in their field to spend half their time on…


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Lessons for leaders

By Tony Wu

About four years ago, I decided I was over working in the corporate field, and wanted to do more with my career. Keen to utilise my studies and pursue a career in marketing, I started applying for hundreds of roles, and attending interview after interview, only to be told my CV wasn’t what they were looking for. So I decided I had to change tack. Maybe there was a way I could combine my passion for design and creativity with my knack for business, and start…


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When to turn to temp agencies

Businesses of all sizes and industries use temp agencies to help them bring on extra staff quickly when they find themselves in need of support. It could help them flex up during seasonal peaks or when an unexpected shortage arises. Having instant access to a pool of work-ready business support talent is reassuring in uncertain times or in the event of a crisis - but temporary workers aren’t just a good idea when unexpected occasions arise. Most of the time - on demand staff can actually be…


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Safeguard your Hiring for Good - Ben Eatwell

I’m currently searching for some key hires at Weploy that will be instrumental in our next stage of growth. Talent is so critical to any company, so I spent a lot of time considering what I’ve learnt over the past year at Weploy to ensure these hires would succeed at a fast growing, disruptive company.

Securing talent is always challenging, but for me, hiring for a start-up is the most difficult. You can explain…


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