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Humane Career Choices That Can Enrich Your Soul

Are you happy with your current job? It doesn’t really matter whether it pays really well if you don’t feel good about doing it and come back home feeling sad and drained of all the energy. Feeling good about the work you do every day is an important aspect of being happy and satisfied, and when you know that you’re doing some good in the world, at the same time, the feelings intensify. If you’re looking for career options which will enrich your soul, here are…


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Best Practices to Welcome a New Employee

No company can operate without great employees. Nowadays, top talents and skilled employees are highly sought after by various businesses both big and small. Companies are looking to hire as many employees that not only fit into their…


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4 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Satisfied

Happy employees represent one of the backbones of a successful, smoothly operating business. Obviously, at the most elementary level, the best way to keep people satisfied is to offer them decent salaries. Some articles on entrepreneurship claim that money is not more important than…


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4 Ways to Improve Staff Productivity

Productive and well-motivated employees are essential to every business success. They're not just able to perform exceptionally, but they're also more engaged and willing to make an extra effort to complete their tasks. It's safe to say that every organization is aspiring to…


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Improve Your HR Department with 4 Easy Tips

Some say that your company is only as good as your HR department is, and there is a lot of objective truth to this – do a good job hiring-wise, and the business will thrive in passion and determination. This is exactly what your HR department is for; without a rock-solid HR team behind your brand, the very hiring process is compromised. While employee hiring, retention and satisfaction are all cornerstones of HR professionals, it is up to you, as the…


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How to Help People Lay Career Foundations

Planning your life and career is never easy. They’re very closely connected. After all, your career will play a big part in your development as a person. The truth is, life is a one-way street, but who says that that one-way street has to be a boring one?

If you’ve recently graduated and if you’ve already found that perfect company you want to work for, you’re certainly on the right track. What you need to do now is push yourself to the limit.…


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How to Do Employee Satisfaction Surveys

The most important precondition for an efficient job performance is being satisfied with it. If one is going to spend eight hours (on average) at work every day, then one should feel happy there. How many of your employees love their jobs? In order to create a happier workplace, you should know if your employees are satisfied with the work environment, their experiences with management, and their responsibilities and roles. Instead of trying to guess how they feel, use an employee…


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How will Abolishment of Visa 457 Affect HR

The abolishment of the Visa 457 program earlier this year is definitely the biggest political decision that will have impact on Australian HR in a long time. In case you haven't heard, Prime Minister Turnbull announced the abolishment of the program in April, replacing it with the Temporary Skill…


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Top 5 Tips for Recruitment Marketing

The world of recruitment has changed – it used to be that talented people went out and looked for suitable employment, trying to show why they think they might be a great asset to their potential employers. Interestingly enough, this is not the world that we live in today; in fact, nowadays, it is the employers who have to compete, in the goal of catching the eye of talented individuals. This entails them giving compelling offers to the candidates.

This has bred the reason behind the…


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Abolition of 457 Visas: The Impact on Employing Strategies

On April 18th 2017, the Turnbull-led government has abolished the Howard government-introduced 457 visa from the 1996-97 era. The government has announced that it will be introducing two new visas as the replacement for 457. But how will this impact the employing strategies of Australian businesses?…


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Get Your Employees to Eat More Healthy at Work

It’s perfectly normal for your doctor, your nutritionist, or your fitness instructor to pay attention to your health. But why should a company police the eating habits of their employees? They are not obliged to do so. True. However, any good company pays attention to the well-being of its workers, and nutritious food is one of the most important things when it comes to being healthy. It affects a person’s concentration,…


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Top 5 Skills that Get You that Bigger Paycheck

Increased earnings are the goal of every professional out there and this is obviously achieved through increasing your overall skillset. However, possessing certain skills tends to pay off more than blatantly trying to work on improving every aspect of your professional self. So what skills are we talking about here? Well, we’ve outlined 5, to get you started.…


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