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In management, once is not enough

Are you falling into the trap of telling your people only once and assuming that they will then diligently get on with your request?  How do you ensure that your requests stay at the top of their list of priorities?  Are you taking your power for granted? 

In the modern workplace we are all inundated with hundreds of demands from clients and customers as well as colleagues and managers.  They are all competing for our attention and we constantly have to juggle priorities.  There is…


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How do you convince yourself?

We all have to make hundreds of decisions every day but how do you go about convincing yourself of something? Why do some people ‘know right away’ and others seem to need more information. Understanding your own ‘convincer mode’ can make a significant difference in the way you gather information and the results you get. 

Giving the benefit of the doubt

A couple of years ago a good friend of mine was complaining that she was having no joy in finding a lasting…


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How to identify why some people resist change

Why do some people find change stressful and others get agitated if there is not enough of it?  How can you implement change in a way that avoids stress and plays to people’s strengths? 

Consider the context

Just think about it for a moment, what do you have for breakfast every working day?  It made me laugh the other day when my wife Pam was making fun of the fact that I can eat the very same breakfast every working day for years and years.  For me it’s a…


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Are you relentlessly practising the basics

Setting off into dense mist with snow stinging my face like tiny needles felt a bit crazy because I knew we were at the top of an unfamiliar piste with a steep descent of about 2000m ahead of us.   The weather had changed dramatically, however all the training and relentless practicing of the basics paid off; what would have been impossible only a couple of years ago was challenging but very achievable.  Are you still practicing the basics in case the conditions become more…


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