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How is your Working Style affecting performance?

Is your working environment lowering the productivity of your people?  Is your personal preference getting in the way of others?   Our working traits and preferences can have a profound effect on our productivity and if the environment doesn’t match our needs we can get stressed and de-motivated.  Yet there are often some simple solutions. 

One of the things I love about snorkelling and scuba diving is getting up close and observing all the tropical fish and their behaviour.  There is…


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Balancing confidence and competence

A great way to get over the winter blues is to challenge your physical and mental skills at high altitudes.  Every fibre in your body is alert to any physical feedback as your mind tries to balance the mental cocktail of extreme excitement, anxiety and danger.  While surges of adrenalin keeps you totally focused on the here-and-now so you forget everything else, if you misjudge the conditions the consequences are immediate. . . 

Skiing provides a unique combination of pure fresh air…


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How do you try to convince others?

There is a significant difference between having some thoughts about something and being convinced about it. When it comes to your clients and customers it can make the difference between saying a clear ‘Yes’ or just a ‘Maybe’.  The ability to convince others is critical to business success.  

For example, it could be providing a strong enough business case for your pet project or proposal to the board, getting buy-in from your team about the direction you need it to go in, or…


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How do you handle negative feedback?

Receiving negative feedback is never easy but by managing your thinking and your emotions it is possible to use it positively.  It’s all about perceptions and what you make it mean.  If you think about it, all of the most successful people have simply made more mistakes and had more negative feedback than others . . . but they never let it get them down. 

Negative feedback can take many forms but in many ways it is an important part of life; things don’t always run smoothly, we aren’t…


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