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The top 5 signs that your team needs coaching

All teams come across different challenges in the workplace. Some of these issues can be resolved with a quick discussion or team meeting, while others can be a little trickier to overcome.

Some of these more challenging issues can creep their way into your team’s workflow – damaging productivity and team success. These issues can sometimes act like a virus, going undetected until it’s too late and you experience your team performance crumble before your eyes.

A team coach…


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How to hire a top performer using an assessment tool

The traditional hiring process leaves a lot up to chance. You might sift through a stack of resumes trying to narrow down the people with the right experience and qualifications. You’ll then perform a round of interviews to gauge which candidate sounds and acts right for the role.

You might ask yourself, “does this person have the right skills to perform the job?.. the right credentials?.. enough experience?.. will…


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How fear of conflict affects workplace communication

Humans by nature encounter situations in which conflict occurs - it’s an essential ingredient for resolving a problem. In a workplace environment where supervisors, subordinates, external stakeholders, clients and customers are all required to make collective decisions on a regular basis, conflict is bound to arise every once in a while. Conflict occurs in the workplace for many reasons. Perhaps a manager’s feedback isn’t received as well as she or he had…


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